Singing Guide: John Conahan

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

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Vocal Technique

John Conahan's voice is characterized by how he subtly rises and falls between chest and head voice, creating a soft yet powerful sound. This technique is known as a "mixed voice" and can help to produce a beautiful and balanced sound. To explore mixed voice, you can watch How to Sing in Mixed Voice on Singing Carrots. John also has great breath control - sustaining notes powerfully, which can be practiced using 3 Minute Warm Up on Singing Carrots.

Song Examples

  • "Philadelphia," the title track from Conahan's debut album, is a perfect representation of his sound, with his deeply resonant piano and storytelling vocals.
  • "Roses and Nostalgia," allowing you to practice open mouth and throat singing techniques.
  • "Love is not a Thing that Time Knows" and "The One Thing."

Tips & Tools

To learn the basics of John Conahan's style, you can find various useful instructional articles on the Singing Carrots blog, including tips on analyzing your voice, breathing exercises, and why you should open your mouth/ throat while singing. Advanced singers might benefit from exploring contemporary vocal techniques like heavy modal, twang, and belting.

Sing John Conahan's songs while using Pitch Accuracy Test and Vocal Pitch Monitor. To increase the vocal range practice Singing Carrots Vocal Range Test.


John Conahan has a unique approach to songwriting and performance, blending powerful piano with deeply heartfelt lyricism and vocals. You can learn quite a lot from his style by studying the compositions and experimenting with mixed voice and breathing techniques. Use Singing Carrots to learn John Conahan's music with the best methods and tools, creating your own authentic voice.

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