Singing Guide: Jimi Jamison

Singing Guide: Jimi Jamison

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Jimi Jamison was a versatile artist who started his career in the early eighties with the rock band Cobra. However, he became internationally known after he was chosen as a lead singer for Survivor, following the departure of Dave Bickler.

Jimi was widely acclaimed for his main vocal style characterized by his full-throated and high pitched notes. He often incorporated vibrato into his lyrics, making the songs melodious and soulful. His ability to switch between his chest and head voice was also incredibly unique and made him stand out from other singers. This article will provide instructions on how to sing like Jimi Jamison.

Analyzing your voice

To sing like Jimi Jamison, you need to determine your vocal range. The vocal range test provided by Singing Carrots is an excellent tool that will help you easily determine your vocal range and compare it with that of Jimi. Notably, Jimi was renowned for his powerful high notes, so focus more on your high notes.

Breathing technique

Jimi Jamison was a great exponent of breath support, which is essential for producing powerful notes. Strong breath support also helps you produce extended and smooth phrases, which is a hallmark of Jimi's singing style. Open Mouth and Throat while Singing is an excellent article to learn about breathing techniques that can be employed to produce impressive notes.

Vocal range and pitch control

Pitch accuracy and vocal range are fundamental to Jimi's singing style. Pitch accuracy test helps you to perfect your pitch and hit the correct notes with precision. The article "Why Do You Sing Out Of Pitch?" is a great resource for those looking to improve their pitch.

Songs and unique vocal technique

To learn how to sing like Jimi Jamison, it is important to listen to his music for an understanding of his unique style. One of Jimi's most iconic songs was "Burning Heart," the most renowned song from the Rocky IV motion picture. The song features a range of emotions, allowing Jimi to showcase his incredible vocal range and technique. Similarly, "High On You" showcases Jimi's skill in switching between his chest and head voice. Another great song to listen to is "I’m Always Here," the theme song for the TV series Baywatch.

Singing like Jimi

The songs mentioned above, along with Singing Carrots Pitch Training, are essential for perfecting your Jimi Jamison singing style. This program assists you in enhancing your pitch accuracy and expanding your vocal range and control. Additionally, Singing with Intuition, Skills, Emotion, and Thinking and the How to Learn a Song Effectively articles can assist you in improving your overall singing abilities.


By employing the tools, techniques, and Singing Carrots resources outlined here, you can start singing like Jimi Jamison in no time. Use the articles and exercise videos to improve your breathing techniques, pitch control, and vocal range. To sing like Jimi, you must also listen to his iconic songs to understand his unique vocal style and embrace it in your singing.

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