Singing Guide: Jane Siberry

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Jane is a Canadian singer-songwriter who is known for her ethereal and versatile voice. Her music blends elements of pop, folk, and avant-garde, and often deals with intimate and philosophical themes. To sing like Jane Siberry, you will need to focus on your breath control, resonance, and emotional expression. Here are some practical tips and Singing Carrots resources that can help you develop your skills:

Breath Control

Breath control is essential for singing like Jane Siberry. Her singing often features long phrases and sustained notes, which require efficient and controlled breathing. To improve your breath control, you can try the following Singing Carrots resources:

  • Breathing basics - Learn about the different types of breathing and how to use your diaphragm effectively.
  • Breath support - Explore how to control the flow of air while singing and develop your lung capacity.
  • Farinelli Breathing - Follow this exercise to practice deep and steady breathing.


Resonance is another key aspect of Jane Siberry's singing style. Her voice has a delicate and resonant quality that can be achieved by balancing the airflow and the vibration of the vocal cords. To improve your resonance, you can try the following Singing Carrots resources:

  • Open mouth & throat - Learn how to open your throat and create resonant space in your mouth.
  • Resonance in singing - Understand the physical and acoustic aspects of resonance and how to develop it in your singing.
  • Chest Voice Explained - Watch this video to learn how to use your chest voice to create resonance and power in your singing.

Emotional Expression

Jane Siberry's music is characterized by its emotional depth and vulnerability. To sing like her, you will need to connect with your emotions and express them through your voice. Here are some Singing Carrots resources that can help you with this:

Jane Siberry's Vocal Technique and Songs

To sing like Jane Siberry, you can also study her vocal technique and listen to her songs to understand her style and repertoire. Some of the distinctive features of her singing include her use of falsetto, vibrato, and dynamic range. Here are some of her songs that showcase her unique vocal style:

  • "The Valley" - A haunting and introspective ballad that showcases Jane's falsetto and delicate phrasing.
  • "Calling All Angels" - A soaring and emotional song that features Jane's powerful and expressive vocals.
  • "Mimi on the Beach" - A whimsical and playful song that showcases Jane's range and agility.
  • "It Can't Rain All the Time" - A dark and brooding song that highlights Jane's dramatic and dynamic singing.

Singing Carrots Resources

In addition to the resources mentioned above, Singing Carrots also offers a variety of tools and courses that can help you enhance your singing skills. Here are some of the relevant links:

  • Vocal range test - Discover your vocal range and compare it with famous singers.

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