Singing Guide: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Singing Guide: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

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How to Sing Like Grace Potter & the Nocturnals with Singing Carrots

Grace Potter & the Nocturnals (GPN) earned a reputation for powerful live performances featuring Grace Potter's dynamic voice and musical prowess. Singing like GPN requires mastering the gritty vocal technique and rock-n-roll attitude that define their sound. Here are practical tips and Singing Carrots resources to help you learn.

Vocal Technique

Potter's singing style balances raw emotion with precise vocal control. Her robust voice has a raspy texture from strong glottal attacks. To emulate her sound, try the following:

  1. Breathing: GPN songs require significant breath support. Use Singing Carrots' breath support article to master active breathing and warm-up exercises to build stamina.
  2. Chest Voice: Potter's sound is anchored in her chest voice. Check out this Chest Voice Explained video to help build in gains in this area of your voice.
  3. Mixed voice: Potter can hit high notes with ease and is known for her mixed voice skills. Watch this Mixed Voice video to learn to bridge the two main registers of your voice and produce a strong, versatile sound.
  4. Glottal Attack: Potter's vocal style relies heavily on a strong glottal attack (also known as a glottal stop). Here is a Glottal Onset video to learn how to make the technique work for you.


To learn from Grace Potter, try singing along to some of GPN's biggest hits. Songs like "Paris (Ooh La La)", "Never Go Back", and "Medicine" are ideal for showcasing Potter's unique vocal style. Start by checking out vocal ranges of famous singers through Singing Carrot's Artist Vocal Ranges page to see whether or not these songs are suitable for your vocal range.

  1. Paris (Ooh La La): This hit single perfectly encapsulates Potter's vocal style. Check out the song lyrics and get a karaoke version through Singing Carrot's song-book to practice.
  2. Never Go Back: Start with the slow intro, then build up to the powerful chorus. The repetitive melody makes it easier to learn but be sure to pay close attention to the nuances of Potter's vocal delivery for maximum effect.
  3. Medicine: This track's bluesy groove and soaring chorus are perfect for practicing mixed voice and glottal attacks.

Singing Carrots' Resources

To get the most out of Singing Carrots' resources, start with the voice range test to identify your vocal range, sing along to the pitch accuracy test to improve pitch accuracy, and use the vocal pitch monitor to analyze recordings of your singing and improve technique.

Take Singing Carrots' 21-lesson singing course, covering topics from breathing and vocal warm-ups to advanced techniques such as belting and growling. Finally, use the search songs by vocal range tool to identify more songs in your vocal range to practice.

By using Singing Carrots' resources and techniques, you'll be able to sing like Grace Potter & The Nocturnals in no time.

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