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Singing like Gene Pitney

Are you a fan of Gene Pitney and want to learn how to sing like him? Gene Pitney was widely recognized for singing love ballads with his unique vocal style. Gene Pitney possessed a crystal-clear high-pitched voice that could captivate anyone. In this article, we will explore Gene Pitney's unique vocal style and tips to help you learn how to sing like him.

Vocal Style

Gene Pitney's singing style has unique features that distinguish him from other artists. He is known for singing love ballads with his crystal-clear high-pitched vibrato. One of his unique features is that he was a master of falsetto. Gene Pitney also employed several vocal techniques such as vibrato, falsetto, and chest voice in his songs. He had great breath control, which he used to deliver powerful and sustained notes.

Tips to Sing Like Gene Pitney

  • Practice your breathing: Gene Pitney had great control over his breathing and used it to his advantage when singing. To sing like him, you need to master the art of controlling your breath. Singing Carrots' article on Breath Support provides valuable information on how to improve your breath control to sing like a pro.
  • Master your falsetto range: Gene Pitney was a master of falsetto, and it was a hallmark of his singing style. To sing like him, you need to master the art of falsetto. Singing Carrots has an interactive Pitch Training game that can help you master your falsetto range by singing along with famous songs and visualizing your pitch accuracy.
  • Experiment with vibrato: Gene Pitney's use of vibrato was a key aspect of his vocal style. He used it to great effect, adding emotion and depth to his performances. Singing Carrots has a blog article on Singing with Vibrato that can help you learn how to use vibrato effectively in your singing.
  • Practice with Gene Pitney's songs: A great way to learn how to sing like Gene Pitney is to practice with his songs. Some of his best-known songs include "Only Love Can Break a Heart," "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance," and "Twenty Four. Hours From Tulsa." You can find Gene Pitney's songs suitable for your vocal range using Singing Carrots' Search songs by vocal range tool.

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In conclusion, Gene Pitney had a unique vocal style that made him stand out in the music industry. To sing like him, you need to master the art of controlling your breath, experimenting with vibrato, and practicing with his songs. With Singing Carrots' resources, you can learn how to sing like Gene Pitney and enhance your singing skills.

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