Singing Guide: Four Bitchin Babes

Singing Guide: Four Bitchin Babes

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

Four Bitchin Babes, a contemporary folk group formed in 1990, is composed of Sally Fingerett, Debi Smith, Deirdre Flint and Marcy Marxer. If you're interested in learning how to sing like Four Bitchin Babes, here are some tips that could help:

  • Resonance: They are known for their four-part harmonies, which are well-balanced and resonate well. One way to achieve this is by placing the sound in the "mask" area of your face (cheekbones and above the upper lip) and fully engaging your nasal cavity
  • Listen and practice: Listen to their arrangement of songs and practice singing along to their tracks. Their music is scientifically proven to make people happy and it's also great for your voice!
  • Enunciation: Four Bitchin Babes pride themselves on their enunciation. Pronounce every word carefully and clearly, whether it's fast or slow.
  • Range: Their music spans a wide range of notes, from high to low registers. Try to practice your vocal range by singing along with them in all their different keys.
  • Relaxation: Four Bitchin Babes have a fun and relaxed attitude in their singing. Do not tense up and sing with ease. Getting a massage, doing some yoga, or taking a relaxing bath before singing can make a huge difference.

In addition to the tips above, here are some Singing Carrots resources that could help support your Four Bitchin Babes-like vocal journey:

  • The pitch training exercise on Singing Carrots can help improve your overall vocal accuracy and pitch.
  • Use the site's range test to determine your vocal range, and then use the search songs feature to find songs that match your musical capabilities.
  • Learn more about the different vocal techniques used in contemporary singing by visiting Singing Carrot's article on Heavy modal, Twang, and Belting techniques.
  • The article "Singing with Intuition, Skills, Emotion, and Thinking" can be a great resource for understanding the basics of musical expression and performance.

By using these resources and tips, you can work on improving your singing style and sound more like the Four Bitchin Babes!

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