Singing Guide: Daniel Jenkins

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

Vocal Technique

One of the most striking things about Daniel Jenkins' singing is his use of falsetto. He has a knack for switching between chest voice and head voice in a seamless way, creating a unique mix of power and softness. To achieve this, it's important to work on your vocal range and develop your breath control. Singing exercises like the vocal range test and pitch accuracy test can help you identify your current range and accuracy level, so you can work on expanding them.

Another important aspect of Daniel's singing is his phrasing. He has a way of playing with rhythm and melody that brings an element of surprise to his songs. To develop this skill, it's important to learn how to analyze your own voice and learn a song effectively. Take the time to really listen to Daniel's songs and try to understand how he approaches the melody and lyrics.

Songs to Learn

If you want to learn singing like Daniel Jenkins, here are some of his songs you should definitely check out:

  • "The One That Got Away": This song showcases Daniel's ability to move between chest voice and falsetto, with a catchy melody and relatable lyrics.
  • "Cold Beer Kinda Night": This country-rock tune has a great hook and upbeat energy. It's a good example of Daniel's phrasing and vocal control.
  • "Time to Move On": A slower, more introspective tune, "Time to Move On" allows Daniel to really show off his falsetto skills and emotional depth.

Singing Carrots Resources

To complement your learning process, Singing Carrots has a number of resources that can help you improve your singing skills:

  • Pitch Training: This educational singing game is designed to help you develop pitch accuracy and vocal agility, with customizable exercises based on your level of experience.
  • Vocal Pitch Monitor: This tool allows you to see a visual representation of the notes you're singing, helping you identify areas where you may need to work on your pitch.
  • Educational Singing Course: This 21-lesson program covers singing theory and practical tips, including exercises for breath control, vocal range, and performance skills.
  • Search Songs by Vocal Range: This tool allows you to find songs that match your vocal range and difficulty level, so you can practice singing songs that suit your voice.

With the above exercises, songs, and resources, you'll be well on your way to learning how to sing like Daniel Jenkins. Keep practicing and analyzing your voice, and before you know it, you'll be hitting those falsetto notes like a pro.

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