Singing Guide: Chvrches

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

If you're a fan of Chvrches and want to learn how to sing like Lauren Mayberry, you're in luck! Lauren has a unique voice that sets her apart from other female singers in the pop-indie genre. Here are some practical tips and Singing Carrots resources to help you learn how to sing like her:

  1. Breathing Basics and Breath Support: One of the most essential aspects of singing is breathing. It is the foundation of your voice. Chvrches songs are noted for their high-pitched vocals, and so achieving that may require some extra practice to perfect your breath support technique. For breathing exercises and support check out this Breathing basics Exercise.

  2. Onsets-Offsets: In most of Chvrches' songs, Lauren starts with a breathy onset and then transitions into a clear, ringing voice. She also has a unique way of emphasizing certain consonants at the offset of notes. To learn how to manipulate onsets and offsets for more control and precision in your singing technique, watch this Glottal Onset Exercise.

  3. Pitch Accuracy: Chvrches' songs also feature beautifully crafted harmonies alongside Lauren's lead vocals. To perfect your timing, accuracy, and pitch precision, try this Pitch Accuracy Test and find out your pitching tendencies over time.

  4. Vibrato: Lauren has achieved perfect balance in her controlled vibrato. Vibrato technique may vary in intensity, but it should resonate in a relaxed way with the way you sing. See some exercises to develop your Vibrato control singing with Vibrato.

  5. Song Choices: Chvrches songs can be challenging to emulate, but singing along with the songs you love is the most direct and practical way to improve. You may have to sing softly on the higher notes or shout in louder parts of the song. Matching the mood of her singing will quickly improve your vocal skills.

  6. Focus on Technique: It is essential to develop a unique style, but the technique is what will set it apart. Lauren Mayberry emphasizes clear pronunciation while still maintaining high pitch singing, but you should not forget to focus on your own technique. This is the foundation for your unique singing style. Incorporating a Vocal Range Test into your consistent practice routine will help you stay motivated and track your progress.

  7. Singing Course: If you want to learn more about the basics of singing, then Singing Carrots' Educational Singing Course has got you covered. Covering the 21-lesson program, you'll work through breathing, articulation, voice registers, and practical tips to refine your skills.

With these helpful tips and practical advice, you'll be on your way to singing like Lauren Mayberry in no time. Keep practicing, focus on developing a solid technique, and take advantage of Singing Carrots' extensive resources to help you along the way.

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