Singing Guide: Bobby Helms

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Bobby Helms was an American country music singer, most known for his 1957 hit song "Jingle Bell Rock". His unique vocal technique was to mix straight country and rockabilly sounds. His clear and soft voice perfectly suited for ballads. He used a gentle falsetto in his voice, often in his romantic songs, which gave his songs a unique identity.

Here is how to sing like Bobby Helms:

  1. Analyze your voice:
    • Analyzing your voice is the first step in learning how to sing like Bobby Helms. It's essential to know your voice type, range, vocal breaks, and more. Take the Vocal range test and determine your voice type.
  2. Breathing basics and support:
    • Breathing correctly is crucial in singing to sustain long notes. Learn the correct technique of active and passive breathing with a Breathing basics article. Proper breath support is also necessary to sing like Bobby Helms. Learn how to do it with this Breath support article.
  3. Mixing chest and head voice:
    • Mastering the mix of chest and head voices is the key to singing like Bobby Helms. Check out the Voice registers & vocal break article to familiarize yourself with voice registers and vocal break. Bobby Helms' clear tone results from maintaining open-mouth and throat positioning. Learn why it's essential and how to accomplish it with this Open mouth & throat article.
  4. Vocal warm-ups and pitch training:
    • Vocal warm-ups are crucial before starting to sing. Pitch Training provides interactive vocal warm-ups, pitch visualizer, and exercises for range and agility. Bobby Helms' use of falsetto in songs can improve your pitch range. Don't miss this Vibrato article, which provides tips on achieving vibrato in your voice.
  5. Articulation:
    • Bobby Helms' pronunciation gave him a special identity in his music. Learn how to improve articulation with this Articulation article.
  6. Learn one of Bobby Helms' songs:
    • To learn singing like Bobby Helms, it's crucial to study his songs. Without the help of a live teacher, the best way to do it is by watching videos. Search songs provides a filter to search songs according to your vocal range and genre preference. Singing one of Bobby Helms' songs will help you understand his unique technique.


The key to singing like Bobby Helms is to mix different registers correctly and adding the correct emotional touches. With practice and the right resources and guidance from Singing Carrots, you can develop his unique vocal technique, sing ballads with falsetto in your voice, and create something of your own.

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