Singing Guide: Bobby Goldsboro

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Bobby Goldsboro is an American singer-songwriter, best known for his 1960s and 1970s pop and country songs. He has a charm and style that is distinct and easygoing. He has touched listeners with simple to emotional lyrics, delivered with a casual, yet emotive style. He is most known for the songs "Honey", "See the Funny Little Clown", "Summer (The First Time)", and "Watching Scotty Grow".

To sing like Bobby Goldsboro, there are some essential techniques and tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, his vocal range is simple and easy to access, encompassing lows and highs of a natural tenor voice. The chest voice is dominant, giving lyrics a natural feel and emphasizing the storyline behind a song.

Bobby Goldsboro has a unique way of emphasizing the narrative and emotional context of a song. He uses a natural vibrato to bring out the emotions of a ballad. Vibrato is pulsating pitch variation that adds depth and color to a singer's voice. You can learn how to sing with vibrato by watching the Beggar's Bounce video on our site. This is very important to executing his ballads perfectly.

Breathing techniques are paramount for any singer, and they apply to aspiring Bobby Goldsboro singers. Proper breathing is vital for singing as it ensures that breaths are taken in the correct places and maintain long sustained phrases. Learn about breathing basics and breath support on our educational Singing Carrots videos. Farinelli breathing exercise is an excellent practice to emphasize breathing techniques. You can learn it here.

Posture also plays an essential role in singing like Bobby Goldsboro. Good posture helps a singer to control their breathing and create more resonance. This video on good singing posture will help explain the importance of good posture and how to maintain it.

Bobby Goldsboro was a classic pop and country singer, so he emphasized intonation techniques, particularly twang, growling, and chest voice dominance. These techniques are useful in popular genres, although you can incorporate them into other styles depending on your preferences. You can watch our twang and growling Singing Carrots videos to master these techniques.

For the practical part, a great way to start is singing along with Goldsboro's classic hits and songs that have similar vocal arrangements. Also, you can use our tools to build a songbook that is capable of enhancing your preference based on vocal range or genre preference. We have a search tool to find songs by vocal range and the vocal ranges of famous singers, including Bobby Goldsboro. You can also take our singing course which covers singing theory and practical tips. Click here to check it out.

In conclusion, to sing like Bobby Goldsboro, you must embrace his unique vocal technique and storytelling skills. Essential techniques to consider include proper breathing, vibrato, posture, chest voice dominance, growling, twang, and intonation, which can be learned by incorporating our resources as mentioned above. And lastly, don't forget to embrace your uniqueness and develop your authentic voice.

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