Singing Guide: Bobby Bare

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Bobby Bare, born on April 7, 1935, in Ohio, is an American country music singer-songwriter known for his distinctive voice and storytelling songs.

One of the most prominent aspects of Bobby Bare's style is his emotive and expressive singing. His music is characterized by his ability to weave captivating narratives into his songs and deliver them in a way that captivates the listener.

If you want to learn singing like Bobby Bare, you should keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Work on your storytelling skills: Bobby Bare's music is defined by his ability to craft a compelling story that resonates with his listeners. To develop this skill, you should practice writing story-based lyrics and learn how to use vocal dynamics to deliver the story in a compelling way.
  2. Pay attention to your phrasing: One of Bobby Bare's notable singing techniques is his use of pauses and phrasing to convey the emotional content of a song. To master this skill, you should practice emphasizing the different elements of a song by varying the length and pitch of your notes.
  3. Practice your vibrato: Bobby Bare's voice is known for its distinct vibrato, which he uses to add texture and intensity to his songs. To develop this technique, you should practice singing sustained notes and varying the speed and intensity of your vibrato.
  4. Use the right vocal register: Bobby Bare's singing style often involves a mix of chest and head voice registers. To achieve this, you should practice singing in both registers and learning how to switch between them seamlessly.

To perfect these techniques, you can use Singing Carrots' Pitch Training exercises to improve your vocal range, breath control and accuracy, as well as exercises and videos on vocal registers, vibrato, and phrasing.

To get started with some of Bobby Bare's most popular songs, check out "Detroit City," "500 Miles Away from Home," and "Marie Laveau." Keep these tips in mind, and with hard work and practice, you'll be well on your way to singing like Bobby Bare in no time!

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