Singing Guide: Bill Evans

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How to learn singing like Bill Evans

Bill Evans, a renowned musician and composer, is known for his unique jazz style and soulful performances. To learn singing like him, you need to focus on mastering following key aspects:

Voice type and vocal range

Firstly, it's important to understand your vocal range. Singing Carrots' vocal range test can help you get started. Once you have identified your range, explore the vocal ranges of famous artists on Singing Carrots and try to find a suitable match for Bill Evans' range. Studying the unique features of the voice type you choose can help you better understand what aspects of your voice need improvement.

Jazz style and improvisation

Bill Evans' music is characterized by his use of scales and chords in unconventional ways, often incorporating dissonance and tension. To master this style, it's important to practice jazz scales and chord progressions. Singing Carrots' pitch training tool helps with pitch accuracy, which is crucial for improvisation. It's also important to listen to recordings of Bill Evans and other jazz legends to get a feel for the musical style and learn how to incorporate and experiment with it.

Breath control

Bill Evans' singing style often involves extended phrases and intricate runs, so breath control is essential. Good breath support starts with understanding proper breathing mechanics and posture. Singing Carrots' breathing and warm-up exercises can help you develop breath control skills and ensure you have good open mouth and throat posture while singing.

Performance skills

Bill Evans was known for his emotive and engaging performances. Singing Carrots' course on singing for beginners covers topics such as stage fright, posture, and performance skills. Practicing these skills can help you deliver a more confident and engaging performance.

Finally, to showcase your newly acquired skills, you can search for songs on Singing Carrots that match your vocal range and style preferences. Some of Bill Evans' standout performances include "'Round Midnight," "My Foolish Heart," and "Waltz for Debby."

With Singing Carrots' resources and a bit of practice, you too can learn to sing like Bill Evans!

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