Singing Guide: Audrey Mieir

Singing Guide: Audrey Mieir

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Audrey Mieir was a famous Christian singer-songwriter, choral director, and vocal arranger, born in 1916 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Audrey's sophisticated and passionate singing style has inspired many contemporary Christian gospel singers. She was a pioneer in creating choral music for church choirs, making use of vocal techniques, harmonizing, and arranging. Her well-known songs testify to her unique vocal technique and musical influence.

To learn singing like Audrey Mieir, it is essential to master the following techniques:

  • Controlled breath support: Audrey Mieir emphasized the importance of deep breathing, which means using the diaphragm to control exhalation and energy. She advocated using the breath to support the sound and allow it to resonate fully throughout the body.
  • Clear articulation: Audrey was a master of clear articulation, and her diction was impeccable. She believed that making the lyrics understandable to the listener was the key to effective singing.
  • Timbral richness and purity: Audrey's unique voice had a rich, vibrant tone, with a unique sincerity of expression. She always used this tone to represent her message accurately, faithfully, and beautifully.

Learn Audrey Mieir's vocal technique by practising the following songs:

  • "He Lives" (lyrics by Alfred Ackley and music by Audrey Mieir)
  • "Kum Ba Yah" (Traditional Gospel Spiritual)
  • "Lord, Keep Me Day by Day" (lyrics and music by Audrey Mieir)
  • "Signs Of The Times" (lyrics by Oscar C. Eliason, with music by Audrey Mieir)

Singing Carrots offers several resources to help you improve on Audrey Mieir's style:

By practicing Audrey Mieir's singing techniques and utilizing Singing Carrots' various resources, you can learn her unique vocal style and become a passionate, accomplished singer like her.

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