Singing Guide: Anthony Newley

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

With Anthony Newley, a singer, songwriter, and actor famous for his unique singing style, it is essential to understand the nuances of his voice to master his singing techniques. His distinctive vocal style has a strong British accent combined with a theatrical delivery. Here are some tips to help you sing like Anthony Newley:

  1. Vocal Range Test

    Firstly, take a range test to determine your current vocal range. Singing Carrots' Vocal Range Test will help you assess your vocal range and determine which songs are best suited to you. This will also help you to identify the range of notes you should focus on while singing Anthony Newley's songs.

  2. Voice Registers & Vocal Break

    Anthony Newley's singing style is characterized by a broad and expressive range of voice registers and tones. Understanding your voice registers can help you achieve his sound. Read this article to help you recognize your chest, head, and mixed voice, among others, you can fine-tune as you attempt to sound like Anthony Newley.

  3. Singing Technique Exercises

  4. Breath Support

    Breathing is a crucial part of singing, and Anthony Newley was known for his breath control and support that allowed him to maintain a specific tone. You can practice improving your breathing exercise by following this article on Breathing Basics and take a look at this video on Farinelli Breathing.

  5. Stage Performance Preparation

    To achieve Anthony Newley's singing style, you must master the art of stage performance. This article on Tips for Performing on Stage will acquaint you with techniques that will make you sound more like the artist during your performance.

Selected Songs:

  • Who Can I Turn To?
  • What Kind of Fool Am I?
  • The Candy Man
  • Gonna Build a Mountain

Remember, learning to sing like Anthony Newley requires time, effort, and dedication. As you build up your skills, using the Singing Carrots vocal training resources should make the path smoother.

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