Singing Guide: Angel Eyes

Singing Guide: Angel Eyes

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Learn to Sing like Angel Eyes

If you’re a fan of jazz music, you’d be no stranger to the popular ballade, “Angel Eyes,” a song best performed by the great Ella Fitzgerald. It’s known for its melancholy resonance, sustained notes, and zigzag rhythms that are sure to captivate any listener.

For those who aspire to sing like Ella Fitzgerald when performing “Angel Eyes,” here’s how you can achieve it.

Analyze Your Voice

The first step in learning to sing like Ella Fitzgerald is knowing your voice type, and the range of notes you can sing.

To determine your voice type, try Singing Carrots’ vocal range test.


Breathing techniques are essential to allowing your voice to carry weight, tone, and clarity.

Read this article to learn proper breath support and practice this breathing exercise.

Voice Registers & Vocal Control

Learning how to successfully transition between voice registers from chest to head voice is crucial for perfecting “Angel Eyes."

Learn more about voice registers and how to control them in this article.

Practice using Singing Carrots’ mixed voice exercise to add more blend to your voice.

Vocal Health

Remember to maintain the health of your voice when you sing. Check out Singing Carrots’ vocal health article for tips on how to preserve your vocal cords.

Performing Techniques & Onsets-Offsets

To convey emotion to your audience, try relaxing breathing exercises and warm-up routines to help loosen up your body and voice before performing.

Get additional tips on staging and performing in this article.

Singing Angel Eyes

To start singing “Angel Eyes," we recommend checking out the following resources:

We hope that with these tips and resources, you'll be able to take on Ella Fitzgerald's "Angel Eyes" with confidence and skill!

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