Singing Guide: Alesso ft. Liam Payne

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Alesso is a Swedish DJ and music producer, well-known for his fantastic hits including "Heroes", "Cool", and "Let Me Go". He is renowned for producing some of the best progressive hits, making him one of the most respected names in the EDM scene. However, his pop song "Midnight" with Liam Payne has an entirely unique character that diverges from his staple progressive house music.

The song "Midnight" is a perfect example of Alesso's vocalizing style that combines electronic and pop. Liam Payne has a unique talent that amplifies the song's vivacity and energy. Liam Payne injects the melody with a powerful falsetto reaching for the high notes. Alesso's beautiful synth arpeggios during the chorus combine with galloping rhythms, making the track flow elegantly.

To learn how to sing like Liam Payne, you need to have a deep understanding of his style. You'll need a strong falsetto, and excellent breathing control to match him. As we all know, breathing is vital when it comes to singing. For that reason, it is crucial to keep your breathing technique in check by practicing passive breathing techniques and controlling support muscles.

You'll need to have a clear comprehension of the various voice registers, such as chest, mixed, and head. Liam Payne hits high notes with falsetto, which can be tricky since singing in the lower register can strain the voice. To avoid this, switch between registers frequently during your practice and exercise.

To improve your performance, work on your resonance and pronunciation. Pronouncing words correctly and resonating it can enhance the quality of your voice and clarity. You can also try any of Singing Carrots' resources, such as the Vocal Pitch Monitor. The Monitor guides you to improve your vocal pitch by visually representing pitch accuracy on a virtual piano.

In conclusion, Liam Payne's unique talents have made him stand out among pop vocalists, especially his high-notes. Singing like Liam requires a vast understanding of breathing, voice registers, and equal diction. Don't forget to analyze and select the songs of Liam to hone your skills. For more training resources, explore Singing Carrots' range of tools for comprehensive singing improvement.

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