A collection of theater songs for contralto voice

Alison Jiear - How Could I Ever Know? (Bb3-F5)

Joan Morris - Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise (Bb3-D5)

Jennifer Hudson - And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going (D4-F5)

Gwen Verdon - Big Spender (A3-Eb5)

Jennifer Holliday - I Am Changing (C4-F5)

Kelli Rabke - Stranger To the Rain (Ab3-Db5)

One Touch of Venus - I'm a Stranger Here (C#4-F5)

The Marcy and Zina Show - Fifteen Pounds (A3-D5)

WOMAN OF THE YEAR - Sometimes a Day Goes By (B3-D5)

A Date With Judy - Through the Years (Bb3-F5)

Andrea Burns - BTW Write Back (Ab3-C5)

Audra McDonald - Lay Down Your Head (Bb3-F5)

Faith Prince - Holding to the Ground (G3-D5)

Follies - Pleasant Little Kingdom (A#3-Eb5)

Follies - That Old Piano Roll (C4-E5)

Follies - The World's Full of Girls (A3-F5)

Georgia Stitt - Lullaby (G3-C5)

Georgia Stitt - More of My Mother (Bb3-Eb5)

Georgia Stitt - My Lifelong Love (G3-D5)

Georgia Stitt - Not Yet (Ab3-D5)

Georgia Stitt - Prepared (F#3-Bb4)

Georgia Stitt - The Me of the Moment (G3-D5)

Georgia Stitt - You Never Know (G3-Eb5)

Hope - He Wasn't You (Ab3-C5)

Huckleberry Finn - Apple Jack (C#4-D5)

Huckleberry Finn - Come In, Mornin' (C4-F5)

Huckleberry Finn - The Catfish Song (C4-C5)

Jacqueline Mayro - Let Me Entertain You (A#3-E5)

Jennifer Holliday - Family (D4-E5)

Kate Wetherhead - Untitled (A3-D5)

Kicks: The Showgirl Musical - I Wanna Be a Rockette (G3-B4)

Kirsten Guenther - Accident Prone (F3-Eb5)

Kitty Carlisle - The Desert Song (C#4-E5)

Knickerbocker Holiday - Ballad of the Robbers (A3-E5)

Knickerbocker Holiday - How Can You Tell An American? (B3-Eb5)

Kooman & Dimond - Breathe (Ab3-Db5)

Kristin Chenoweth - Taylor, the Latte Boy (Bb3-D5)

Lady In The Dark - Girl of the Moment (G3-E5)

Lady In The Dark - My Ship (C4-F5)

Lauren Kennedy - Letting You Go (G3-D5)

Liza Minnelli - Liza With a "Z" (Bb3-Eb5)

Liza Minnelli - Shine It on (G3-D#5)

Lotte Lenya - A Boy Like You (C4-Eb5)

Love Life - Economics (Bb3-F5)

Love Life - Green-Up Time (B3-E5)

Love Life - Is It Him Or Is It Me? (C4-E5)

Love Life - Love Song (C4-E5)

Love Life - Mr. Right (B3-E5)

Lucille Ball - One Day We Dance (B3-E5)

Michael Mott feat. Loren Allred - Single City (Ab3-F5)

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever - On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever) (Bb3-E5)

One Touch of Venus - Don't Look Now (C4-E5)

One Touch of Venus - Foolish Heart (Db4-F5)

One Touch of Venus - How Much I Love You (Bb3-F5)

Peggy Lee - Heart (C4-F5)

Shaina Taub - Viola's Soliloquy (G#3-C#5)

Susan Egan - From the Stars (G3-D5)

Susan Egan - Oh, How I Loved You (Bb3-Bb4)

The Marcy and Zina Show - Baltimore (F3-D#5)

THe Mock Marriage - Man Is for the Woman Made (C#4-E5)