A collection of teen pop songs for bass voice

Backstreet Boys - Incomplete (A2-E4)

Jonas Brothers - Hello Beautiful (B2-E4)

Pink - Just Like a Pill (E2-C#4)

tobyMac - Atmosphere (A2-B3)

tobyMac - Irene (A2-E4)

5ive - Human (G#2-D#4)

5 Seconds of Summer - Don't Stop (G2-A3)

5 Seconds of Summer - Easier (F2-E4)

Aaron Carter - Oh Aaron (A#2-A#3)

Adam Lambert - If I Had You (A2-D4)

Austin Mahone - Mmm Yeah (E3-C#4)

Backstreet Boys - Every Time I Close My Eyes (G2-A3)

Boyzone - Arms of Mary (D#3-D#4)

Boyzone - Father and Son (D#3-C4)

Boyzone - When You Say Nothing at All (B2-E4)

Charlie Puth - Attention (A#2-C4)

Cody Simpson - iYiYi (F2-C4)

Dan Hartman - Relight My Fire (C3-D4)

Dream - He Loves U Not (A#2-G#3)

Eastern Conference Champions - A Million Miles An Hour (B2-D4)

Elyar Fox - Do It All Over Again (D3-E4)

Greyson Chance - Hold on 'Til the Night (F#2-D#4)

Hanson - MMMBop (A2-D4)

Jack & Jack - Like That (D3-E4)

Jacob Sartorius - Sweatshirt (D#3-D#4)

JLS - Proud (G2-C4)

Joe Jonas - This Is Our Song (B2-E4)

Jonas Brothers - 7:05 (G#2-D#4)

Jonas Brothers - Gotta Find You (B2-D4)

Jonas Brothers - Play My Music (G#2-D#4)

Jonas Brothers - Time for Me To Fly (D3-D4)

Joshua Bassett - Common Sense (D3-E4)

Justin Bieber - Baby (A2-D4)

Justin Bieber - Bigger (C3-C4)

Justin Bieber - Born To Be Somebody (F#2-B3)

Justin Bieber - Down To Earth (B2-D4)

Justin Bieber - Favorite Girl (G2-B3)

Justin Bieber - First Dance (G2-E4)

Justin Bieber - Heartbreaker (C#3-E4)

Justin Bieber - I'll Show You (E3-E4)

Justin Bieber - Love Me (A#2-C4)

Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (B2-B3)

Justin Bieber - Mistletoe (B2-E4)

Justin Bieber - One Less Lonely Girl (B2-D4)

Justin Bieber - One Time (G2-D4)

Justin Bieber - Pray (G2-C4)

Justin Bieber - Runaway Love (G#2-D#4)

Justin Bieber - Yellow Raincoat (D#3-D#4)

Logan Paul feat. Why Don't We - Help Me Help You (E3-E4)

Matthew Mdot Finley - Fire (D3-D#4)

Mindless Behavior - My Girl (B2-C#4)

New Edition - Mr. Telephone Man (F#2-B3)

New Kids on the Block - I'll Be Loving You (Forever) (A2-E4)

Niall Horan - This Town (C3-D4)

Nick Jonas - Chains (G2-E4)

Nick Jonas - Introducing Me (B2-D4)

One Direction - Little Black Dress (B2-G#3)

One Direction - Little Things (E2-D4)

One Direction - Steal My Girl (C3-E4)

One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (G2-E4)

Pink - Sober (E2-D4)

Pink - Stupid Girls (B2-C4)

Pink - Trouble (G2-D4)

Raven - This Is My Time (D3-D4)

Robbie Nevil - We're All In This Together (C3-D4)

Rock It! - Wie Die Welt Leuchtet (A2-C#4)

Shawn Mendes - Lights On (E3-E4)

Shawn Mendes - Stitches (G2-C4)

Take That - Promises (D3-D4)

Take That - Up All Night (D3-E4)

tobyMac - Somebody's Watching (A#2-A#3)

Westlife - Evergreen (F#2-B3)

Westlife - Soledad (E3-E4)