A collection of nostalgia songs for mezzo voice

Just Between Friends - Where Do You Start? (F4-A5)

Vera Lynn - As Time Goes By (Bb3-C5)

Vera Lynn - Wish Me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye) (C4-D5)

Vera Lynn - You Belong to Me (C4-D5)

Dale Evans - Happy Trails (Bb3-C5)

Florrie Forde - Down at the Old Bull and Bush (C4-E5)

Vera Lynn - Half As Much (Bb3-Eb5)

Vera Lynn - The Isle of Innisfree (B3-C5)

Anne Shelton - Oh Baby Mine (I Get So Lonely) (C4-C5)

Annette Hanshaw - Ain't That a Grand and Glorious Feeling (D4-E5)

Edith Lindeman - Little Things Mean a Lot (Bb3-Eb5)

Edith Piaf - Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin (D4-D5)

Edith Piaf - La Ville Inconnue (F4-D5)

Glenn Miller & His Orchestra - There'll Be Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover (Eb4-Eb5)

Gracie Fields - Sing As We Go (B3-E5)

Lily Morris - Why Am I Always the Bridesmaid? (C4-C5)

Lily Pons - I Dream Too Much (C#4-A5)

Mamie Smith - Crazy Blues (C4-F5)

Marlene Dietrich - Lili Marlene (B3-D5)

Mary Martin - Goodnight, Wherever You Are (Bb3-D5)

Pin Up Girl - Time Alone Will Tell (D4-E5)

Teresa Brewer - Music! Music! Music! (E4-D5)

The Dolly Sisters - I Can't Begin To Tell You (C#4-E5)

The McGuire Sisters - Sincerely (D4-E5)

Vera Lynn - Auf Wiederseh'n, Sweetheart (C4-D5)

Vera Lynn - Dream (A3-A4)

Vera Lynn - Here In My Heart (D4-D5)

Vera Lynn - If You Love Me (Really Love Me) (B3-D5)

Vera Lynn - I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (A3-A4)

Vera Lynn - Somewhere Along the Way (Bb3-Eb5)

Vera Lynn - When They Sound the Last All Clear (D4-Eb5)

Vesta Victoria - Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow Wow (C#4-E5)