A collection of new wave songs for tenor voice

Imagine Dragons - Demons (D#3-A#4)

Elvis Costello - (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (G3-G4)

Hall & Oates - I Can't Go for That (F3-A#4)

Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him? (D3-F4)

Madness - It Must Be Love (D3-D4)

A Flock Of Seagulls - I Ran (G3-E4)

After the Fire - Der Kommissar (G3-F#4)

Bastille - Daniel In the Den (C3-F4)

Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself (D3-D4)

Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough (D3-D4)

Duran Duran - Hungry Like the Wolf (G3-E4)

Gary Numan - Cars (E3-E4)

Imagine Dragons - Hopeless Opus (D#3-G#4)

Joe Jackson - Breaking Us In Two (D3-F#4)

Kajagoogoo - Too Shy (E3-F4)

Madness - My Girl (D#3-B3)

Men At Work - Down Under (C#3-A4)

Prince - Controversy (C#3-A#3)

Prince - Kiss (E3-E4)

Shannon Noll - What About Me (C#3-B4)

Simple Minds - Alive and Kicking (D3-G4)

Spandau Ballet - True (G3-B4)

Squeeze - Another Nail In My Heart (D#3-F4)

Talking Heads - And She Was (E3-G4)

Tears for Fears - Change (G3-G4)

The 1975 - Robbers (E3-B4)

The Cure - In Between Days (A3-A4)

The Cure - The Lovecats (E3-A4)

The Killers - All These Things That I've Done (C#3-F#4)

The Stranglers - No More Heroes (F3-D4)

The Strokes - Barely Legal (E3-E4)

The Undertones - Teenage Kicks (G3-A4)

Todd Rundgren - Bang the Drum All Day (G3-F#4)

Tom Waits - Cold Cold Ground (G3-E4)

Tom Waits - The Briar and the Rose (C3-G4)

Wang Chung - Dance Hall Days (D3-G4)

ABC - Poison Arrow (E3-B4)

a-ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV (F3-A4)

Alphaville - Big In Japan (A3-A4)

Alphaville - Carol Masters (C3-A4)

Alphaville - Dance With Me (F#3-C5)

Alphaville - Fantastic Dream (C3-B4)

Alphaville - Jerusalem (G3-A#4)

Alphaville - Lady Bright (C3-C4)

Alphaville - Lassie Come Home (E3-A4)

Alphaville - Red Rose (C3-C5)

Alphaville - Universal Daddy (A#3-C5)

Australian Crawl - The Boys Light Up (A3-F#4)

Baltimora - Tarzan Boy (D3-G4)

Bastille - Fake It (D#3-A#4)

Bastille - Pompeii (G3-A4)

Bastille - Quarter Past Midnight (D#3-C5)

Bastille - Things We Lost In the Fire (D3-G4)

Billy Idol - Cradle of Love (D#3-G4)

Billy Idol - Hot In the City (D3-G4)

Bloc Party - Hunting for Witches (F#3-E4)

Brandon Flowers - Crossfire (D3-C5)

Brandon Flowers - I Can Change (D3-C5)

Brandon Flowers - Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts (G3-A#4)

Brandon Flowers - Only the Young (C3-B4)

Carolina Liar - Coming To Terms (F#3-G#4)

Carolina Liar - Show Me What I'm Looking for (G3-A4)

Cheap Trick - Dream Police (E3-A4)

Cheap Trick - I Want You To Want Me (F#3-A4)

Cheap Trick - Surrender (F#3-G4)

Cutting Crew - (I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight (F#3-G4)

David Bowie - Let's Dance (F#3-E4)

David Bowie - Modern Love (F3-F4)

Depeche Mode - Somebody (D3-E4)

Devo - Freedom of Choice (A3-A#4)

Devo - Whip It (A3-F#4)

Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen (G3-C5)

Duran Duran - Girls on Film (A3-A4)

Duran Duran - I Don't Want Your Love (A#3-A4)

Duran Duran - Notorious (A3-A4)

Duran Duran - Rio (E3-G#4)

Duran Duran - Skin Trade (F#3-B4)

Duran Duran - Too Much Information (G#3-A#4)

Duran Duran - Union of the Snake (F#3-F#4)

Editors - Bullets (E3-D#4)

Editors - Fall (E3-C4)

Editors - Munich (D3-G4)

Editors - Racing Rats (E3-F#4)

Editors - Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors (C3-G4)

Elvis Costello - 5ive Gears In Reverse (E3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Accidents Will Happen (D3-F4)

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Pump It Up (A3-F#4)

Elvis Costello - Beaten To the Punch (A3-G4)

Elvis Costello - Big Tears (F#3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Black and White World (D3-E4)

Elvis Costello - B Movie (C#3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Clean Money (C#3-G#4)

Elvis Costello - Clowntime Is Over (C3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Crawling To the U.S.A. (E3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Dr. Luther's Assistant (D3-D4)

Elvis Costello - Girls Talk (E3-F#4)

Elvis Costello - Goon Squad (F#3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Hand In Hand (D3-D4)

Elvis Costello - High Fidelity (E3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Human Touch (E3-G#4)

Elvis Costello - (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea (F#3-D4)

Elvis Costello - I'm Not Angry (E3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Just a Memory (F3-G4)

Elvis Costello - King Horse (C#3-F#4)

Elvis Costello - Less Than Zero (C3-F4)

Elvis Costello - Lip Service (E3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Lipstick Vogue (D3-D4)

Elvis Costello - Little Triggers (D3-D4)

Elvis Costello - Love for Tender (E3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Man Called Uncle (D3-F4)

Elvis Costello - Miracle Man (E3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Motel Matches (C3-F4)

Elvis Costello - My Funny Valentine (C#3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Mystery Dance (D3-D4)

Elvis Costello - New Amsterdam (D3-F4)

Elvis Costello - Oliver's Army (D3-F#4)

Elvis Costello - Opportunity (G#3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Pay It Back (D3-D4)

Elvis Costello - Peace, Love, and Understanding (G3-G4)

Elvis Costello - Possession (E3-F4)

Elvis Costello - Pump It Up (A3-D#4)

Elvis Costello - Radio Radio (C#3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Radio Sweetheart (D3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Riot Act (F3-G4)

Elvis Costello - Senior Service (C3-F4)

Elvis Costello - Sneaky Feelings (D3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Stranger In the House (D#3-D#4)

Elvis Costello - Sunday's Best (D3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Temptation (F#3-G#4)

Elvis Costello - That Day Is Done (C3-A4)

Elvis Costello - The Imposter (E3-G4)

Elvis Costello - This Year's Girl (E3-D4)

Elvis Costello - Tiny Steps (D3-F4)

Elvis Costello - Two Little Hitlers (E3-E4)

Elvis Costello - Waiting for the End of the World (E3-G4)

Elvis Costello - Watching the Detectives (C3-F4)

Elvis Costello - Wednesday Week (D#3-G4)

Empire Of The Sun - Walking on a Dream (D#3-C5)

Falco - Rock Me Amadeus (F3-F#4)

Foals - Spanish Sahara (A3-E4)

Franz Ferdinand - Eleanor Put Your Boots on (E3-G4)

Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out (E3-A4)

Franz Ferdinand - The Dark of the Matinee (C#3-F#4)

Futureheads - Hounds of Love (F#3-F#4)

George Harrison - Wake Up My Love (G3-A4)

Godley & Creme - Cry (C3-C5)

Hall & Oates - Kiss on My List (D#3-G4)

Hall & Oates - Maneater (B3-B4)

Hall & Oates - Method of Modern Love (G3-A#4)

Hall & Oates - Say It Isn't So (E3-A4)

Howard Jones - No One Is to Blame (E3-A4)

Hurts - Somebody to Die For (F#3-F#4)

Hurts - Stay (D3-G4)

Hurts - Wonderful Life (F#3-D4)

Ian Dury - Billericay Dickie (C#3-E4)

Ian Dury - Blackmail Man (B3-F#4)

Ian Dury - Blockheads (E3-G4)

Ian Dury - My Old Man (E3-A#3)

Ian Dury & the Blockheads - Sueperman's Big Sister (F#3-E4)

Ian Dury - There Ain't Half Been Some Clever Bastards (D3-E4)

Ian Dury - What a Waste (C3-G4)

Icehouse - Electric Blue (F3-A#4)

Icehouse - Great Southern Land (G#3-E4)

Imagine Dragons - Amsterdam (E3-B4)

Imagine Dragons - Bleeding Out (F3-A#4)

Imagine Dragons - Every Night (D3-A4)

Imagine Dragons - Friction (C3-A#4)

Imagine Dragons - Hear Me (C#3-G#4)

Imagine Dragons - It Comes Back to You (C3-A4)

Imagine Dragons - It's Time (A3-B4)

Imagine Dragons - Monster (F3-C5)

Imagine Dragons - Nothing Left To Say (A3-A4)

Imagine Dragons - Polaroid (C3-A4)

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (F#3-B4)

Imagine Dragons - Roots (C3-F4)

Imagine Dragons - Smoke + Mirrors (C3-B4)

Imagine Dragons - Tiptoe (B3-B4)

Imagine Dragons - Trouble (D#3-A#4)

Imagine Dragons - Underdog (E3-G4)

Interpol - All Fired Up (G3-E4)

Interpol - No I in Threesome (C3-E4)

Interpol - Pace Is the Trick (C3-F4)

Interpol - Pioneer To the Falls (C#3-D4)

Interpol - Rest My Chemistry (D3-B3)

Interpol - The Heinrich Maneuver (E3-A4)

Interpol - The Lighthouse (C3-A3)

Interpol - The Scale (G3-G4)

Interpol - Who Do You Think (D3-E4)

Interpol - Wrecking Ball (A3-E4)

INXS - Burn for You (E3-F#4)

INXS - Deliver Me (D3-G4)

INXS - Don't Change (F#3-A4)

INXS - Heaven Sent (D3-G4)

INXS - I Send a Message (G3-A4)

INXS - Listen Like Thieves (D3-F#4)

INXS - Mediate (C3-D4)

INXS - New Sensation (G#3-A4)

INXS - Suicide Blonde (E3-A4)

INXS - The Gift (A3-A4)

INXS - The One Thing (E3-D#4)

INXS - What You Need (F#3-A#4)

Joe Jackson - Be My Number Two (D3-F4)

Jona Lewie - You'll Always Find Me In the Kitchen At Parties (G3-G4)

Lee Dorsey - Working In the Coal Mine (F3-A#4)

Madness - Baggy Trousers (F3-D4)

Madness - Cardiac Arrest (C3-D4)

Madness - Never Knew Your Name (D3-A3)

Madness - Rise and Fall (G3-F4)

Madness - Shut Up (D3-D#4)

Madness - Simple Equation (D#3-E4)

Madness - The Prince (E3-D4)

Madness - Wings of a Dove (E3-G4)

Marc Almond - Jacky (C#3-F4)

Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride (A#3-G#4)

Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now? (D3-G4)

Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance (C3-B3)

M - Pop Muzik (F3-G#4)

Mr. Mister - Broken Wings (F#3-G#4)

Nick Lowe - I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock and Roll) (E3-E4)

Paul Young - Every Time You Go Away (D3-A4)

Paul Young - Love of the Common People (E3-E4)

Philip Oakey - Together in Electric Dreams (D#3-G#4)

Plain White T's - Airplane (D3-F4)

Plain White T's - Body Parts (C3-G4)

Plain White T's - Boomerang (E3-C5)

Plain White T's - Broken Record (G3-G4)

Plain White T's - Cirque Dans La Rue (G#3-G4)

Plain White T's - Irrational Anthem (E3-A4)

Plain White T's - Killer (D3-G4)

Plain White T's - Wonders of the Younger (D3-F4)

Prince - 1999 (C3-F4)

Prince - Come (C#3-G#4)

Prince - Little Red Corvette (F3-A4)

Prince & The Revolution - When Doves Cry (E3-A4)

Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen (A3-E4)

Shakin' Stevens - You Drive Me Crazy (C4-A4)

Soft Cell - Tainted Love (F3-A#4)

Spandau Ballet - Gold (C#3-F#4)

Spandau Ballet - Through the Barricades (D3-G4)

Split Enz - History Never Repeats (E3-E4)

Split Enz - I Got You (D3-G4)

Squeeze - Labelled With Love (E3-F#4)

Squeeze - Take Me I'm Yours (D3-G4)

Squeeze - Tempted (G#3-A4)

Squeeze - Up the Junction (C3-F#4)

Sting - Born In the '50s (A3-C5)

Sting - Canary In a Coalmine (B3-B4)

Sting - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (G3-C5)

Stray Cats - Rock This Town (D3-F#4)

Stray Cats - (She's) Sexy and 17 (C#3-G#4)

Sum 41 - Walking Disaster (F#3-F#4)

Talking Heads - Burning Down the House (G3-A#4)

Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (F3-B4)

Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World (D3-A4)

Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels (E3-C5)

Tears for Fears - Shout (C3-D4)

Television - Marquee Moon (D3-A4)

The 1975 - Chocolate (B3-F#4)

The 1975 - If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) (A3-B4)

The 1975 - Love Me (F3-A#4)

The Beat - Mirror in the Bathroom (G3-E4)

The Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've) (G#3-G#4)

The Cars - All Mixed Up (E3-B4)

The Cars - Bye Bye Love (F#3-G#4)

The Cars - Drive (E3-G4)

The Cars - Misfit Kid (C3-F4)

The Cars - Night Spots (D3-F#4)

The Cars - Since You're Gone (G3-A4)

The Cars - The Dangerous Type (C#3-E4)

The Cars - Tonight She Comes (C3-F4)

The Cars - You Are the Girl (D3-E4)

The Cars - You Might Think (D3-F#4)

The Cars - You're All I've Got Tonight (C3-G4)

The Clash - Ghetto Defendant (E3-E4)

The Clash - The Call Up (G3-A3)

The Clash - The Magnificent Seven (D3-A4)

The Clash - This Is England (D#3-D#4)

The Clash - Train In Vain (E3-A4)

The Cure - A Forest (A3-F4)

The Cure - Bare (C3-D4)

The Cure - Close To Me (G#3-F#4)

The Cure - Fascination Street (E3-B4)

The Cure - Gone! (B3-B4)

The Cure - High (E3-A4)

The Cure - Jupiter Crash (E3-D4)

The Cure - Lovesong (E3-E4)

The Cure - Lullaby (C#3-C#4)

The Cure - Mint Car (A3-A4)

The Cure - Numb (E3-E4)

The Cure - Round & Round & Round (F#3-A4)

The Cure - Strange Attraction (E3-B4)

The Cure - The 13th (C#3-A#4)

The Cure - This Is a Lie (E3-E4)

The Cure - Trap (F3-A4)

The Cure - Want (D#3-A#4)

The Damned - New Rose (A3-G#4)

The Everly Brothers - Crying in the Rain (D3-E4)

The Fixx - One Thing Leads To Another (G#3-G#4)

The Jam - English Rose (D#3-F#4)

The Jam - In the City (G3-E4)

The Jam - The Modern World (E3-G4)

The Jam - Town Called Malice (F#3-B4)

The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale (D3-A4)

The Killers - A Matter of Time (E3-B4)

The Killers - Exitlude (C3-A4)

The Killers - Flesh and Bone (F3-A#4)

The Killers - For Reasons Unknown (G#3-C5)

The Killers - From Here on Out (A#3-G#4)

The Killers - Heart of a Girl (D3-B4)

The Killers - Here with Me (D3-A#4)

The Killers - Human (D#3-G4)

The Killers - I Can't Stay (F3-G4)

The Killers - Just Another Girl (C#3-A#4)

The Killers - Losing Touch (E3-G4)

The Killers - Miss Atomic Bomb (F3-A#4)

The Killers - Mr. Brightside (G#3-G#4)

The Killers - Peace of Mind (E3-B4)

The Killers - Runaways (C#3-A#4)

The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It (G3-G4)

The Killers - Somebody Told Me (F#3-A4)

The Killers - The Rising Tide (F3-A#4)

The Killers - The Way It Was (G#3-A4)

The Killers - The World We Live In (E3-A#4)

The Killers - When You Were Young (F3-A4)

The Knack - My Sharona (F3-G4)

The Police - A Sermon (D3-C4)

The Police - Can't Stand Losing You (G3-C5)

The Police - Contact (G3-D#4)

The Police - Darkness (A3-G4)

The Police - Dead End Job (D4-B4)

The Police - Deathwish (C4-B4)

The Police - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (F#3-B4)

The Police - Driven To Tears (G3-G4)

The Police - Friends (C#3-B3)

The Police - Hungry for You (C3-C4)

The Police - Invisible Sun (D3-C5)

The Police - It's Alright for You (B3-G#4)

The Police - King of Pain (A3-A4)

The Police - Landlord (C3-A#3)

The Police - Message in a Bottle (D#3-A3)

The Police - Miss Gradenko (F3-G4)

The Police - Murder By Numbers (G3-B4)

The Police - Next To You (B3-B4)

The Police - Nothing Achieving (E3-E4)

The Police - No Time This Time (A3-C5)

The Police - Omega Man (C4-A4)

The Police - O My God (C3-D4)

The Police - On Any Other Day (C3-A4)

The Police - Peanuts (G3-C#4)

The Police - Regatta De Blanc (F#3-B4)

The Police - Secret Journey (E3-C5)

The Police - Shadows In the Rain (C3-C4)

The Police - Spirits In the Material World (E3-D4)

The Police - Synchronicity (D#3-C4)

The Police - Synchronicity II (A3-A4)

The Police - The Bed's Too Big Without You (B3-B4)

The Police - Too Much Information (D3-C4)

The Police - Walking on the Moon (G3-C5)

The Ramones - Beat on the Brat (F#3-F#4)

The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop (A3-E4)

The Ramones - California Sun (E3-E4)

The Ramones - My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (G3-G4)

The Rolling Stones - Undercover (Of the Night) (C3-G4)

The Specials - A Message To You Rudy (E3-G4)

The Sports - Who Listens To the Radio? (F#3-F#4)

The Strangeloves - I Want Candy (C3-B3)

The Stranglers - (Get a) Grip (On Yourself) (F3-F#4)

The Strokes - Hard To Explain (D3-G4)

The Strokes - Is This It (D3-D4)

The Strokes - Last Nite (C3-E4)

The Swingers - Counting the Beat (F#3-G#4)

The Vapors - Turning Japanese (C3-F4)

The Wombats - Moving To New York (G3-G4)

Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science (G#3-A4)

Thriving Ivory - Angels on the Moon (G3-G4)

Tim Finn - Fraction Too Much Friction (F#3-A4)

Tom Waits - 16 Shells From a Thirty-Ought-Six (E3-F#4)

Tom Waits - Anywhere I Lay My Head (G#3-G#4)

Tom Waits - Back In the Good Old World (E3-F#4)

Tom Waits - Falling Down (D3-G4)

Tom Waits - Fall of Troy (E3-A4)

Two Door Cinema Club - Sun (E3-G4)

Ultravox - Vienna (C3-A#4)

Weezer - You Might Think (D3-F#4)

Wham! - Last Christmas (F#3-A#4)

ZZ Top - Rough Boy (A3-F#4)