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Top 65 new age songs for baritone voice for audition and karaoke

This is a song chart of the top 65 new age songs for baritone, based on the votes of 48962 Singing Carrots users. We count a 'vote' when a user adds one of our 75,000 songs to their repertoire (favorites list). For each song, we show a vocal range (in parentheses). If you click on a song name, you will be able to see the song key, and a list of useful links to the karaoke version, music sheet, and lyrics. If you click on a singer's name, it will take you to the singer's page where you can see all songs by that singer, sorted by popularity and range.

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65 Yanni - Vivi Il Tuo Sogno (D3-F#4)

64 Yanni - Omaggio (E3-A4)

63 Yanni - Almost a Whisper (C#3-D4)

62 The Piano Guys & Craig Aven - The Sweetest Gift [w/ Cello] (B2-E4)

61 Steven Curtis Chapman - The Big Story (F#3-A4)

60 Steven Curtis Chapman - Spring Is Coming (A2-G4)

59 Steven Curtis Chapman - Questions (D3-G4)

58 Steven Curtis Chapman - Jesus Will Meet You There (A#2-D#4)

57 Steven Curtis Chapman - Jesus Is Life (D#3-G4)

56 Steven Curtis Chapman - I Will Be Here (B2-D4)

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55 Steven Curtis Chapman - Bring It On (A2-G4)

54 Steven Curtis Chapman - Beauty Will Rise (A2-A4)

53 Steve Green - When the Morning Comes (C#3-G4)

52 Steve Green - Pleasures of the King (C3-G#4)

51 Steve Green - In Brokenness You Shine (B2-A4)

50 Steve Camp - Love That Will Not Let Me Go (D3-E4)

49 Paul Cardall - Breathe (D3-F4)

48 Paul Cardall - Agnus Dei (D#3-E4)

47 Michael W. Smith - Above All (A2-C4)

46 Michael Hoppé - Requiem, VII. Lux Aeterna - Piano/Vocal Part (Violin, Soprano, Tenor, Piano) (D3-G4)

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45 Michael Hoppé - Requiem, I. Introit - Piano/Vocal Part (Piano, Soprano, Oboe) (B2-B3)

44 Michael Hoppé - Requiem, II. Kyrie - Piano/Vocal Part (Bb Clarinet, Cello, Soprano, Tenor, Piano) (A2-D4)

43 Michael Hoppé - Pie Jesu (D3-D4)

42 Michael Card - Why (C3-E4)

41 Michael Card - What Will It Take (F3-A4)

40 Michael Card - Traitor's Look (C3-G4)

39 Michael Card - The Promise (E3-G4)

38 Michael Card - The Nazarene (A2-F#4)

37 Michael Card - The Lamb Is a Lion (A3-A4)

36 Michael Card - The Final Word (D3-F#4)

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35 Michael Card - Spirit of the Age (E3-E4)

34 Michael Card - Ride On To Die (C3-A#3)

33 Michael Card - Forgiving Eyes (B2-G4)

32 Michael Card - Crown Him (G3-G4)

31 Michael Card - Cross of Glory (B2-F#4)

30 Michael Card - Carmen Christi (B2-E4)

29 Michael Card - Baptism (C3-C4)

28 Matthew West - Wouldn't Change a Thing (D3-G4)

27 Lloyd Larson - One Small Child (D3-D#4)

26 Keith Green - Oh Lord, You're Beautiful (G3-F#4)

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25 Jon & Vangelis - So Long Ago, So Clear (A#2-A#3)

24 Jim Brickman - When I See an Elephant Fly (A2-F#4)

23 Jim Brickman - What a Wonderful World (C3-A4)

22 Jim Brickman - To Hear You Say You Love Me (D#3-G4)

21 Jim Brickman - 'Til I See You Again (A2-A4)

20 Jim Brickman - Peace (Where the Heart Is) (E3-A4)

19 Jim Brickman - My Christmas Angel (B2-E4)

18 Jim Brickman - My Angel (B2-E4)

17 Jim Brickman - It Must Be You (F3-G4)

16 Jim Brickman - Coming Home for Christmas (C3-G4)

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15 Don Francisco - He's Alive (A2-G#4)

14 David Lanz - Song of the East (C3-D4)

13 David Gray - Ain't No Love (C3-G4)

12 Celtic Thunder - The Dutchman (C3-F4)

11 Celtic Thunder - Tears of Hercules (D3-G#4)

10 Celtic Thunder - My Land (A2-F#4)

9 Celtic Thunder - Homes of Donegal (B2-G4)

8 All-4-One - Beautiful (As You) (D#3-A4)

7 The Piano Guys & Craig Aven - The Sweetest Gift (A#2-D#4)

6 Jim Brickman - The Love I Found In You (C3-D4)

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5 Jim Brickman - The Bare Necessities (C3-A4)

4 David Lanz - Whispered In Signs (C3-D4)

3 Celtic Thunder - Home From the Sea (A2-E4)

2 Jim Brickman - Beautiful (As You) (D#3-A4)

1 Celtic Thunder - Galway Girl (D3-D4)

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