A collection of country gospel songs for baritone voice

Merle Haggard - One Day at a Time (B2-D4)

Randy Travis - Above All (A2-C4)

Alan Jackson - How Great Thou Art (A2-C4)

Alan Jackson - I'll Fly Away (C3-D4)

The Oak Ridge Boys - I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (A#2-D4)

Hank Williams - A House of Gold (C3-F4)

The Oak Ridge Boys - The Old Country Church (C3-D#4)

Alabama - In the Sweet By and By (A#2-C4)

Alabama - Love Lifted Me (F#3-F#4)

Alan Jackson - I Want to Stroll Over Heaven With You (A2-C4)

Bill Gaither - Master of the Wind (B2-C4)

David Crowder Band - Leaning on the Everlasting Arms / 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus (D3-D4)

Elvis Presley - Peace in the Valley (D3-F4)

Gaither Vocal Band - I Shall Wear a Crown (E3-C4)

Jim Reeves - How Long Has It Been (D3-C#4)

Johnny Cash - I Shall Not Be Moved (C3-A#3)

John W. Peterson - Over the Sunset Mountains (C3-D4)

Phillips Craig & Dean - Saved the Day (A#2-G4)

Phillips Craig & Dean - Top of My Lungs (C#3-G#4)

Randy Travis - I'll Fly Away (A2-E4)

Randy Travis - Turn Your Radio On (A#2-E4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - All Things New (C3-F4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - His Strength Is Perfect (D3-G#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Hold on To Jesus (C#3-E4)

The Statesmen - Your First Day In Heaven (A2-E4)

Alabama - Can the Circle Be Unbroken (D3-E4)

Alabama - Down By the Riverside (A#2-A#3)

Alabama - How Great Thou Art (A2-C4)

Alabama - I Am a Pilgrim (C3-C4)

Alabama - If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again (A2-F#3)

Alabama - I Need Thee (C3-A#3)

Alabama - Jesus Loves Me (A#2-A#3)

Alabama - Lonesome Valley (B2-G#3)

Alabama - Rock of Ages (B2-B3)

Alabama - The Old Rugged Cross (B2-C4)

Alabama - What Will I Leave Behind (A2-A#3)

Alabama - When It Comes My Time (A2-D4)

Alan Jackson - Just As I Am (C3-C#4)

Alan Jackson - Precious Memories (C3-C4)

Bill Monroe - Just Over In the Gloryland (D#3-C4)

Conway Twitty - It's a Cryin' Shame (D3-F4)

Daniel O'Donnell - He Took Your Place (D3-D#4)

Elvis Presley - If That Isn't Love (C#3-D4)

Elvis Presley - Let Us Pray (B2-C4)

Elvis Presley - Up Above My Head (C3-D4)

George Jones - Someday My Day Will Come (C3-E4)

Glen Campbell - One Pair of Hands (A2-F4)

Hank Williams - A Home In Heaven (F3-D4)

Hank Williams - A Message To My Mother (B2-C4)

Hank Williams - Are You Walking & A-Talking for the Lord (C3-A#3)

Hank Williams - Dear Brother (C3-A#3)

Hank Williams - I'll Have a New Life (C3-E4)

Hank Williams - (I'm Praying for the Day That) Peace Will Come (G3-E4)

Hank Williams - I Saw the Light (D3-E4)

Hank Williams - I Wish You Didn't Love Me So Much (D3-C4)

Hank Williams - Jesus Died for Me (E3-D4)

Hank Williams - Jesus Is Calling (C3-A#3)

Hank Williams - Jesus Remembered Me (F3-D4)

Hank Williams - Ready To Go Home (C3-D4)

Hank Williams - We're Getting Closer To the Grave Each Day (C3-C4)

Hank Williams - When God Comes and Gathers His Jewels (D3-D4)

Hovie Lister & the Statesmen - Unworthy (C3-D4)

Jamey Johnson - Lead Me Home (A2-D4)

Jimmie Davis - A Sinner's Prayer (C3-D4)

Jimmie Davis - He Must Die (D#3-D#4)

Jimmie Davis - He Wrote My Name In Blood (D3-E4)

Jimmie Davis - In the Beginning (C3-D#4)

Jimmie Davis - It's Heaven Calling Me (C3-D4)

Jimmie Davis - One More Valley (D3-D4)

Jimmie Davis - Show Me the Way (C3-D#4)

Jimmie Davis - Someone To Care (C3-A#3)

Jimmie Davis - The Dark Valley (D#3-F4)

Jimmie Davis - The Good Lord Walks With Me (C3-D4)

Jimmie Davis - The Last Few Miles (On My Knees) (C3-D4)

Jimmie Davis - The Three Nails (C3-A#3)

Jimmie Davis - This Is Just What Heaven Means To Me (D#3-G4)

Jimmie Davis - To My Mansion In the Sky (C3-D4)

Jimmie Davis - When It's Round-Up Time In Heaven (B2-C4)

Jimmie Davis - You Can Be Whiter Than Snow (D3-C4)

Jim Reeves - Precious Memories (D#3-D#4)

Johnny Cash - I Was There When It Happened (C3-C#4)

Johnny Cash - When He Reached Down His Hand for Me (A#2-D4)

Johnny Cash - When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder (D#3-E4)

Josh Turner - I Serve a Savior (D3-C4)

Phillips Craig & Dean - Because of That Blood (D#3-G#4)

Phillips Craig & Dean - I Will Boast (C#3-A4)

Phillips Craig & Dean - My Praise (A2-G4)

Porter Wagoner - I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap (E3-E4)

Randy Travis - Three Wooden Crosses (A2-B3)

Robbie Hiner - Lift Him Up (D3-D4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Celebrate You (E3-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Children of the Burning Heart (C3-G#4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Do Everything (B2-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Free (D#3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Heaven Is the Face (A#2-F4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Hiding Place (F3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Land of Opportunity (G3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - No Better Place (E3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Only Natural (D#3-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Our God Is In Control (F3-C4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Precious Promise (E3-E4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - Rubber Meets the Road (C3-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - The Walk (A2-A4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - This Baby (A2-G4)

Steven Curtis Chapman - What Would I Say (C3-G4)

The Blackwood Brothers - Learning To Lean (B2-D4)

The Country Gentlemen - Bringing Mary Home (D3-C4)

The Oak Ridge Boys - Blessed Be the Day (Of Our Savior's Birth) (D3-E4)

The Oak Ridge Boys - I'll Be True To You (A#2-A#3)

The Oak Ridge Boys - I Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now (C#3-B3)

The Oak Ridge Boys - Write Your Name Across My Heart (A2-A4)

The Oak Ridge Boys - Y'All Come Back Saloon (A2-E4)

The Wilburn Brothers - I've Got That Old-Time Religion in My Heart (A#2-C4)