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Top 58 contemporary folk songs for tenor voice for audition and karaoke

This is a song chart of the top 58 contemporary folk songs for tenor, based on the votes of 48958 Singing Carrots users. We count a 'vote' when a user adds one of our 75,000 songs to their repertoire (favorites list). For each song, we show a vocal range (in parentheses). If you click on a song name, you will be able to see the song key, and a list of useful links to the karaoke version, music sheet, and lyrics. If you click on a singer's name, it will take you to the singer's page where you can see all songs by that singer, sorted by popularity and range.

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58 Willie Nelson - City of New Orleans (D3-D4)

57 Tracy Chapman - Fast Car (E3-A4)

56 Tom Waits - Eyeball Kid (G3-C5)

55 Tom Waits - Cold Water (E3-F#4)

54 Tom Waits - Big In Japan (C3-F4)

53 The Low Anthem - Lover Is Childlike (D3-F#4)

52 The Avett Brothers - If It's the Beaches (F3-D4)

51 Shawn McDonald - Greed (F#3-F#4)

50 Richie Havens - High Flying Bird (E3-E4)

49 Richard Thompson - Persuasion (G3-C5)

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48 Richard Thompson - Big Chimney (E3-E4)

47 Ray LaMontagne - Within You (D3-F#4)

46 Ray LaMontagne - Till the Sun Turns Black (D3-G4)

45 Ray LaMontagne - New York City's Killing Me (F3-G4)

44 Ray LaMontagne - Hold You In My Arms (D3-G4)

43 Ray LaMontagne - Gone Away from Me (C3-F4)

42 Ray LaMontagne - Burn (E3-F4)

41 Ray LaMontagne - Be Here Now (E3-B3)

40 Noah and The Whale - Shape of My Heart (C3-D4)

39 Loudon Wainwright III - Dead Skunk (G3-G4)

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38 Leonard Cohen - Who By Fire (E3-E4)

37 Leonard Cohen - Take This Longing (D3-D4)

36 Leonard Cohen - A Singer Must Die (E3-F4)

35 John Prine - That's the Way the World Goes 'Round (D3-D4)

34 John Prine - Speed of the Sound of Loneliness (D3-B3)

33 John Prine - Spanish Pipedream (D3-C4)

32 John Prine - Quiet Man (E3-D4)

31 John Prine - Pretty Good (D3-D4)

30 John Prine - Illegal Smile (C3-C4)

29 John Prine - Far From Me (C3-D4)

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28 Hozier - Someone New (D3-G4)

27 Hozier feat. Mavis Staples - Nina Cried Power (C3-A#4)

26 Hozier - Dinner and Diatribes (C3-G#4)

25 Hozier - Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene (C#3-A4)

24 Damien Rice - Rootless Tree (F4-F4)

23 Damien Rice - Prague (C3-G4)

22 Damien Rice - Older Chests (C3-F4)

21 Damien Rice - Me, My Yoke & I (D3-C5)

20 Damien Rice - Coconut Skins (D3-G4)

19 Brett Dennen - Wrong About Me (G3-G4)

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18 Brett Dennen - Who Do You Think You Are? (G3-F4)

17 Brett Dennen - When She's Gone (G#3-A4)

16 Brett Dennen - The One Who Loves You the Most (F#3-F#4)

15 Brett Dennen - So Far From Me (C#3-E4)

14 Brett Dennen - Make You Crazy (D3-A4)

13 Brett Dennen - Heaven (F3-F4)

12 Brett Dennen - Follow Your Heart (G3-E4)

11 Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason (C3-D4)

10 Brett Dennen - Ain't Gonna Lose You (G3-F4)

9 Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin' (G3-D4)

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8 Bob Dylan - My Back Pages (D#3-D#4)

7 Bob Dylan - Love Minus Zero / No Limit (D#3-C#4)

6 Bob Dylan - It Ain't Me Babe (C3-C4)

5 Bob Dylan - Duquesne Whistle (D3-C4)

4 Bobby Darin - Simple Song of Freedom (C3-B3)

3 Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant (D3-E4)

2 Steve Goodman - Go Cubs Go (C3-G4)

1 John Prine - Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore (D3-D4)

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