A collection of cabaret songs for baritone voice

Chicago - When You're Good to Mama (F3-G#4)

Chicago - Funny Honey (G3-A4)

Chicago - Mister Cellophane (B2-G4)

And the World Goes 'Round - But the World Goes 'Round (A#2-F4)

Walter Huston - September Song (C3-E4)

Chicago - Roxie (C3-D#4)

Peter Allen - Not the Boy Next Door (D3-G4)

And the World Goes 'Round - I Don't Remember You (A2-E4)

Chicago - Nowadays (E3-G4)

Chicago - Razzle Dazzle (C3-F4)

Robbie Williams - Beyond the Sea (C3-E4)

Street Scene - Lonely House (D3-G4)

Sweeney Todd - By the Sea (A2-E4)

Al Jolson - About a Quarter To Nine (A2-E4)

Carnival - Her Face (C3-D#4)

Hello Again - Tom (A2-E4)

Lost in the Stars - Lost in the Stars (A#2-E4)

Street Scene - What Good Would the Moon Be? (C3-G4)

The Blues Brothers - Minnie, the Moocher (E3-E4)

The Boy From Oz - Waltzing Matilda (B2-G4)

Adventures in Love - We Remember Love (A2-C#4)

And the World Goes 'Round - Colored Lights (A#2-D#4)

And the World Goes 'Round - Sara Lee (D3-G4)

And the World Goes 'Round - The Happy Time (B2-G4)

And the World Goes 'Round - There Goes the Ball Game (D3-G4)

And the World Goes 'Round - The Rink (B2-D4)

Bobby Darin - Mack the Knife (D3-D4)

Bobby Short - Don't Bring Lulu (C3-D4)

Carnival - Love Makes the World Go 'Round (D3-D#4)

Chicago - Me and My Baby (D3-D4)

David Cameron Anderson - Don't Know (C3-A#3)

David Cameron Anderson - God Bless Fern Davidson (B2-E4)

Desmond O'Connor - When You're In Love (A#2-D#4)

Flanders & Swann - The Gas-Man Cometh (B2-C4)

Hello Again - I Got a Little Time (F#3-G#4)

Hello Again - The One I Love (A2-A4)

It Happened in Brooklyn - I Believe (C3-E4)

Jacques Brel - If We Only Have Love (C3-E4)

Johnny Johnson - Mon Ami, My Friend (B2-E4)

Johnny Johnson - Oh, Heart of Love (A#2-F4)

Johnny Johnson - Oh, The Rio Grande (B2-G4)

Johnny Johnson - One Life To Live (A#2-D#4)

Johnny Johnson - To Love You and To Lose You (A#2-F4)

Lee Konitz - Class (F3-A4)

Lost in the Stars - Big Mole (A#2-C4)

Lost in the Stars - Stay Well (A#2-D#4)

Lost in the Stars - The Little Gray House (A#2-D#4)

Lost in the Stars - Trouble Man (C#3-E4)

Michael Cahill - Bachelor's Dance (A#2-C4)

Michael Cahill - Fanette (C3-F4)

Michael Cahill - The Bulls (D3-E4)

Michael Feinstein - She Moves and Eyes Follow (C3-G4)

Michael Feinstein - Time Flies (D3-F4)

Noël Coward - Don't Put Your Daughter on the Stage, Mrs. Worthington (A#2-D#4)

Peter Allen - Everything Old Is New Again (C3-G4)

Peter Allen - Love Crazy (D3-A4)

Peter Allen - Love Don't Need a Reason (C3-D4)

Purlie - First Thing Monday Mornin' (A2-E4)

Purlie - The World Is Comin' To A Start (A#2-F4)

Rex - Away From You (C3-E4)

Richard Burton - Camelot (C3-D4)

Robert Goulet - I've Gotta Be Me (C3-E4)

Stage Fright - The Laziest Gal In Town (A#2-D4)

Street Scene - We'll Go Away Together (C3-E4)

Stuart Pendred - Funeral Tango (D3-D4)

Stuart Pendred - Jackie (D3-D4)

Stuart Pendred - Next (C3-E4)

Sweeney Todd - Wait (C3-F4)

The Eternal Road - Dance Around the Golden Calf (C3-F4)

The Eternal Road - David's Psalm (D3-G4)

The Eternal Road - March To Zion (E3-F#4)

The Eternal Road - Song of Ruth (C3-E4)

The Eternal Road - The Promise (A#2-G4)

The Rink - Marry Me (A2-D4)

The Road to Victory - (There'll Be a) Hot Time In The Town Of Berlin (C3-D4)

Time Remembered - Ages Ago (B2-E4)

Tiny Tim - I've Never Seen a Straight Banana (C3-E4)

Where Are You - I'm a Fool To Want You (A#2-E4)

Where Do We Go From Here? - All At Once (D3-E4)

Where Do We Go From Here? - If Love Remains (C3-E4)

Where Do We Go From Here? - Song of the Rhineland (C#3-G4)