Amy Grant vocal range

According to our database the vocal range of this artist is:

D3 - E7

Song with the LOWEST pitch:
In a Little While (D3-Bb4)

Song with the HIGHEST pitch:
Carry You (A3-E7)

More songs by the artist

Third World Woman (E3-A4)

Imagine / Sing the Wondrous Love of Jesus (Bb3-F5)

Stay for Awhile (E3-C#5)

Emmanuel (G3-Bb4)

Lead Me On (G#3-C#5)

Beautiful (A3-E5)

Tennessee Christmas (F3-A4)

El Shaddai (B3-G4)

Father's Eyes (A4-Bb5)

Baby Baby (F#3-E5)

Oh How the Years Go By (F3-Db5)

I Need a Silent Night (D4-B5)

Leave It All Behind (Ab3-C5)

Ask Me (F#3-B4)

Come Into My World (G3-G4)

Touch (G3-E5)

The Night Before Christmas (E3-D5)

Christmas Can't Be Very Far Away (G3-C5)

Better Than a Hallelujah (G3-D5)

We Believe In God (A3-C5)

Like I Love You (A3-F5)

Fields of Plenty / Be Still My Soul (Bb3-G4)

Child of God (E3-A4)

Love Has Come (G3-F5)

Looking for You (E3-C5)

I Will Be Your Friend (A3-B4)

Somewhere Down the Road (F#3-G#4)

Lover of My Soul (G3-D5)

Missing You (A3-B4)

Heirlooms (A3-C5)

Thy Word (C4-Bb4)

Doubly Good To You (A3-E5)

After the Fire (C4-G4)

Baby Baby (Remix) (G3-E5)

Jesus Loves Me / They'll Know We Are Christians / Helping Hand (A3-B4)

To Be Together (Eb3-Ab4)

Don't Try So Hard (E3-A4)

Grown-Up Christmas List (E3-B4)

O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee (G3-C5)

Find What You're Looking For (D3-G4)

Angels (F#3-A4)

Nobody Home (A3-D5)

Shine All Your Light (A3-A4)

Lucky One (Bb3-Eb5)

Softly and Tenderly (B3-B4)

Our Love (G3-C5)

Every Road (G3-G4)

God Moves In Mysterious Ways / The Lord Is In His Holy Temple (Bb3-C5)

Hard Times (F3-C5)

I'll Be Home for Christmas (A3-B4)

Happy (A3-G5)

That's What Love Is For (G3-D5)

The Water (G3-C5)

Joy to the World / For Unto Us a Child Is Born (E3-G5)

Good for Me (C4-D5)

Sweet Will of God (G3-E5)

Anywhere With Jesus (G3-Eb5)

Curious Thing (G3-G4)

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go (B3-C5)

What You Already Own (A3-B4)

The Next Time I Fall (Ab3-C#5)

House of Love (Ab3-D5)

Takes a Little Time (A3-Db5)

Say Once More (A3-F#4)

A Christmas To Remember (A3-D5)

I Will Remember You (G3-D5)

Children of the World (G3-F6)

What Is the Chance of That (F#3-D5)

Unafraid (F3-Bb4)

How Can We See That Far (G3-A4)

The Things We Do for Love (A3-D5)

Whatever It Takes (F3-D5)

Breath of Heaven (Mary's Song) (F#3-B4)

Little Town (A3-Bb4)

Innocence Lost (G3-C#5)

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Ab3-C#5)

Breath of Heaven (E4-B5)

Fairest Lord Jesus (B3-C5)

Saved by Love (A3-B4)

My Jesus I Love Thee (C4-Bb4)

Every Heartbeat (G3-D5)

Overnight (D#3-B4)

Turn This World Around (G3-D5)

Welcome To Our World (G3-G5)

Arms of Love (G3-E5)

Hope Set High (G3-A4)

Emmanuel, God with Us (G3-C6)

Mister Santa (C4-D5)

Simple Things (G3-C#5)

Cry a River (F3-A4)

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Please note: we are estimating the vocal range for the artists based on what we know about the songs they perform. The 'real' vocal range of the person of course might be different. This estimate is just based on the highest and lowest known pitches from the songs we have in our database. It might be that the singer can actually hit lower or higher notes, but never did so in their recordings known to us.