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Benny Blanco and Calvin Harris: Achieving Their Vocal Styles

Benny Blanco and Calvin Harris are two very distinct but influential producers and songwriters, each with a unique style that has rocked radios and dance floors worldwide. Learning to sing like these two talents requires paying attention to their vocal technique along with their creative approach to making music. In this article, you will discover how to achieve the signature sound and vocal style of Benny Blanco and Calvin Harris, with insights on their musical style and tips for improving your own vocals.

Benny Blanco's Vocal Technique and Style:

Benny was first discovered as a songwriter and has produced hits for Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Katy Perry among many others. Benny's music is characterized by his signature sound, which is a fusion of pop, electronic, and hip-hop. He often leans toward lower keys on his fast-paced productions, allowing the vocals to provide the contrast.

If you want to achieve Benny's style, you should focus on developing your breathing technique and control through the Farinelli method. This is an essential step that will enable you to produce effective vocalizations and the signature harmonies that characterize his music.

Benny also employs contemporary vocal techniques such as belting, twang, and growling in his music. To develop your twang and growling, check out this video and this video respectively. You can also practice and improve your vibrato, which can add an extra flare to your singing, using these exercises.

Finally, Benny emphasizes on precise articulation, meaning you should pay attention to how you enunciate each syllable and consonant. To master your articulation, try out this finger bite exercise.

Calvin Harris's Vocal Technique and Style:

Calvin Harris is best known for his dance music style and has worked with artists such as Rihanna, Sam Smith, and Dua Lipa. Calvin's music is characterized by his use of upbeat tempos, a catchy melody line, and a signature synth sound.

To achieve Calvin's style, consider practicing with the Singing Comfort Zone exercises to improve your chest voice and vocal registers.

Vocal control is also critical in Calvin's music, and you need to develop a good breathing support system. This will enable you to produce sustained vocalizations and harmonies that color Calvin's music. You can check out the Farinelli video for breathing exercises.

Calvin's music also emphasizes good posture, which may improve your breathing, pitch, and vocal range. You can improve your posture following these tips from our singing blog page.

Apart from posture, Calvin pays attention to emotion, and you should strive to master the art of singing with feeling. He has also worked with other artists, and this can help you expand your singing range and skills.

In summary, to achieve the vocal style of Benny Blanco and Calvin Harris, you need to develop good vocal technique and control, practice vocal exercises, experiment with contemporary vocal techniques, and strive for emotional control. You can also use practical advice and resources from the Singing Carrots platform, such as the Vocal range test, Pitch accuracy test, or our educational singing course.

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