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Eddie Money's Vocal Techniques: How to Sing Like the Legendary Rocker

Have you ever imagined having all the resources you need to achieve your dreams without worrying about the costs? For legendary rock guitarist and vocalist, Eddie Money, the answer was "yes." He lived his life with a confident "I'll get it" attitude and knew he was destined to be famous. But what was the key to Eddie's success as a singer? How did he achieve his unique vocal style that combined elements of rock, soul, and pop?

Eddie's unique vocal style was characterized by his gravely, bluesy tone, and his ability to infuse power, emotion, and soul into every note. He often utilized vocal growls, screams, and raspy inflections, adding a raw edge to his otherwise smooth and melodic voice. To learn to sing like Eddie Money, you must master the following techniques:

  • Voice types - Discover which voice type you have (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) and find songs that suit your vocal range.
  • Voice registers & vocal break - Practice transitioning between the registers of your voice and learn how to bridge the vocal break.
  • Breath support - Learn how to use your breath to control the volume, tone, and intensity of your voice.
  • Open mouth & throat - Relax and open your mouth and throat to let the sound resonate freely.
  • Vocal distortion & Growling - Develop the ability to add grit and texture to your voice without straining it.
  • Singing with Vibrato - Add vibrato to your sustained notes to create a more expressive and emotional sound.
  • Articulation - Improve your diction and enunciation to ensure that your lyrics are clear and well understood.
  • Chest Voice/Voice Registers - Understand how to properly use and switch between chest voice, head voice, mixed voice, and falsetto.
  • Stage Performance - Learn how to convey emotion, project your voice, and engage your audience.

With the above techniques in mind, here are three Eddie Money songs to help you master his vocal style:

  • "Two Tickets to Paradise" - This upbeat and catchy song is a great example of Eddie's ability to blend rock and pop music. Pay close attention to his use of vocal inflections, vibrato, and powerful belting.
  • "Shakin'" - This classic party anthem showcases Eddie's soulful and bluesy vocal style. Listen for his use of growls and screams to add emotion and intensity to the verses.
  • "Take Me Home Tonight" - Eddie collaborated with Ronnie Spector of the Ronettes for this 80s hit, and their duet showcases both of their powerful voices. Notice how Eddie's use of a chesty, growling voice contrasts with Ronnie's higher, lighter vocal style.

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