Singing Guide: Vienna Teng

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

Vienna Teng is an American singer-songwriter of Chinese descent, known for her unique blending of pop, folk and classical music, using the piano, Chinese instruments, and electronic soundscapes. Her voice is sweet, delicate, and ethereal, with a wide range and a rich vibrato. If you want to learn to sing like Vienna Teng, here are some tips and suggestions.

  • Listen and analyze: Listen carefully to her songs and performances, paying attention to her vocal tone, style, timbre, phrasing, and interpretation. Analyze her songs from a musical perspective, noting the key, tempo, rhythm, harmony, melody, and structure.
  • Develop your range: Vienna Teng's voice has a wide range, from high, airy notes to deep, resonant tones. To develop your range, use Singing Carrots' Vocal Range Test to determine your highest and lowest notes, and practice exercises and warm-ups to extend your range gradually.
  • Work on your technique: Vienna Teng's singing technique emphasizes the use of breath control, open throat, and relaxed posture to produce a clear and natural sound. Study Singing Carrots' articles and videos on breathing basics, breath support, posture, and open mouth and throat, and practice the exercises to improve your technique.
  • Incorporate vibrato: Vienna Teng's voice has a beautiful vibrato that adds warmth and expressiveness to her singing. Practice Singing Carrots' Vibrato Exercise and experiment with different speeds and amplitudes to find your own vibrato style.
  • Learn her repertoire: Vienna Teng's songs are rich and varied, showcasing her vocal and musical range. Choose a few songs that resonate with you and learn them, one by one, paying attention to the lyrics, melody, and dynamics. Use Singing Carrots' Search and Songbook tools to find songs matching your vocal range and genre preference.
  • Embrace your own voice: Although it's useful to learn from other singers, it's also important to develop your own authentic voice, style, and identity. As Vienna Teng said in a Singing Carrots article on finding your own voice, "The most important thing is to express something that you believe in, in a way that feels authentic to you."

By following these tips and using the resources provided by Singing Carrots, you can learn to sing like Vienna Teng, develop your technique, repertoire, and style, and find your own voice as a singer. Happy singing!

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