Singing Guide: Variety Girl

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Variety Girl was an incredibly talented singer renowned for her ability to effortlessly switch between voice registers, particularly her ability to easily reach high notes. In this article, we will explore the unique vocal technique that made Variety Girl a legend, and how you can learn to sing like her using practical advice and resources from Singing Carrots.

Developing Variety Girl's Vocal Style

To successfully sing like Variety Girl, you'll need to focus on developing your vocal range and register control. To begin with, start with Singing Carrots' vocal range test, which will identify your vocal range, compared to famous singers, including Variety Girl herself. Pitch accuracy test will help you to improve your pitches, which is crucial to Variety Girl's style. Additionally, use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to see how your notes line up on a virtual piano.

Once you've identified your vocal range, incorporate Singing Carrots' pitch training exercises into your daily routine. This will help you boost your vocal range and improve your pitch accuracy, key components of Variety Girl's style.

Practice Variety Girl's Singing Techniques

While Variety Girl was known for her ability to easily reach high notes, she was also noted for her control of tone and pitch shift. To develop this technique, work on breath support exercises, such as those in this breathing basics article, which can help you learn to control the diaphragm, stomach, and lungs muscles, which boost your breath support. Additionally, the resonance in singing article will teach you how to create the perfect vocal tone and how to power a singer's voice to reach a broad audience.

To achieve Variety Girl's flawless control of voice register, begin by exploring Breathy Head Voice, Chest Voice Explained, and Voice Break. You could also practice with Singing Carrots' pitch visualization exercises, which can help you sing notes smoothly and effortlessly.

Songs to Showcase your Progress

Variety Girl had released dozens of hit songs throughout her career, each contributing to her unique vocal style. Our song search tool will allow you to find songs that match your vocal range, difficulty, and genre preference, so you can explore Variety Girl’s musical catalog and showcase your progress.

A few of Variety Girl's most famous songs include "Only For You," "Whether it’s love or just a crush," and "The one who loves you most" which highlight her effortless transition between registers and perfect breath support to deliver incredible performances.


Learning to sing like Variety Girl is a challenging but rewarding process. The key to success lies in a combination of vocal technique, control, and a deep understanding of the nuances that make her style so unique. Incorporate the practical advice and resources from Singing Carrots, and don't hesitate to reach out to our experienced voice coaches if you have any questions or need additional guidance on your journey to singing like Variety Girl.

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