Singing Guide: Valeria

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Vocal Technique

Valeria's singing style is characterized by powerful and emotional performances, supported by strong breath control and fearless use of vibrato. When you listen to her singing, you can hear that each note she sings has a sense of purpose and intention behind it.

One way to start honing this skill is by learning how to analyze your voice and studying the theory behind voice types. Check out these articles on how to analyze your voice and voice types to get started.

It's also important to work on your breath support and posture to achieve Valeria's bold sound. Some useful articles on this topic are breathing basics, breath support, and how posture affects your singing. Another valuable technique to master is opening your mouth and throat while singing. Learn more in this article.

Valeria is known for her runs and impressive melismas, so incorporating some of these vocal exercises into your practice can be helpful. Additionally, Valeria infuses a sense of intuition and emotion into her singing, and incorporating these elements into your own performances can help you sing more like her. Read more in this article.

Recommended Songs

To develop your singing skills and emulate Valeria, you should practice singing some of her famous songs. A few of Valeria's most notable hits include "Grande Amore," "Lontano," and "Una Voce dentro l'anima." Additionally, practicing songs that match your vocal range is critical for developing your voice. Use Singing Carrots' song search tool to find songs matching your vocal range, difficulty, and genre preferences.

Singing Carrots Resources

Incorporating Singing Carrots' tools and resources into your practice routine can help you further hone your singing skills.

Start by taking the vocal range test to determine your vocal range and how it compares to famous singers. You can then use the pitch accuracy test to assess your pitch accuracy. Finally, the vocal pitch monitor can help you see your sung notes on a virtual piano.

Singing Carrots also offers an educational singing course covering singing theory and practical tips. The course includes 21 lessons designed to improve your singing skills and boost your confidence.

Incorporating these tools and resources into your practice routine can help you sing more like Valeria.

Learn more about this artist vocal range, voice type and repertoire.