Singing Guide: Tsidii Le Loka

Singing Guide: Tsidii Le Loka

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

In this article, we will explore the unique vocal technique of Tsidii Le Loka, the Tony Award-winning South African singer and actress. Her performances in The Lion King and for Nelson Mandela helped establish her as a global sensation.

Tsidii Le Loka has a unique vocal style that is characterized by a strong, rich, and deep voice with a distinct African sound. Her vocal technique emphasizes the use of breath control, proper posture, and a warm, relaxed jaw. By integrating these techniques, she is able to produce sustained, lush notes that are both powerful and buoyant.

One of the standout features of Tsidii’s vocal technique is her use of nasal resonance. She achieves this technique by lowering the back of her tongue and resonating her voice through her nasal passages. This helps her produce a beautiful, warm, and rich sound that can be heard in her performance of “Circle of Life.”

To learn to sing like Tsidii Le Loka, it is important to start with your breathing. Practice her Farinelli Breathing exercise and focus on managing your breath, controlled exhalation, and inhalation techniques. Incorporate the concepts of active and passive breathing, breath support, and respiration as they’re explained in Singing Carrot’s breathing basics article.

Another helpful aspect of Tsidii’s technique is her use of vocal registers. She is an expert in transitioning between chest voice, head voice, and mixed voice seamlessly, which allows her to reach a broad range of vocal notes. Practice exercises that strengthen these registers, and use Singing Carrot’s explanation of voice registers and vocal breaks to help you understand your own voice.

When it comes to songs that showcase Tsidii’s vocal technique, choose pieces that utilize similar techniques. “Circle of Life” from The Lion King, “The Click Song” by Miriam Makeba," and “Freedom” from Mandela all highlight her unique style.

By utilizing the singing resources provided on Singing Carrots, such as the pitch accuracy test, vocal range test, and pitch monitor, you can determine your vocal range and monitor your improvement as you begin to master Tsidii Le Loka’s distinctive vocal techniques. With dedicated practice, consistent effort, and support from Singing Carrots, you can sing like Tsidii Le Loka in no time!

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