Singing Guide: The Toast of New Orleans

Singing Guide: The Toast of New Orleans

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Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

The Toast of New Orleans, an MGM musical released in 1950, is a great reference for those looking to sing like Mario Lanza.

Lanza, also known as "the greatest tenor of his generation," was praised for his clear and powerful voice that ranged over three octaves. He was an expert at a variety of vocal techniques that made his performances so iconic.

Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate singer, learning from Lanza can take your craft to the next level. Here are some tips on how to sing like Mario Lanza:

  1. Develop Your Breath Control

    Breathing properly while singing is crucial to improving your sound, and Lanza was a master at breath control. Singers have to expel air in just the right way to produce the notes they need, and Lanza was particularly skilled at achieving long, powerful notes.

    Singing Carrots offers useful exercises like Farinelli Breathing that can help you improve your own breath control.

  2. Work on Your Voice Registers and Vocal Range

    Lanza was famous for his stunning full-bodied high notes, an impressive feat of vocal control. He was a natural at blending his chest voice and falsetto registers to create a seamless and versatile range. Singing Comfort Zone and Voice Break are Singing Carrots resources that can help you learn to mix your own voice registers.

  3. Focus on Open Mouth and Throat

    Lanza had an impressive ability to keep his mouth open when singing high notes. Closing the mouth or overpronouncing vowels can be a common mistake when ascending up the scale. The Open mouth & throat article can be beneficial in guiding you on how to keep your mouth open when hitting high notes.

  4. Incorporate Vibrato in Your Singing

    Lanza vocalized with beautiful vibrato, which signifies the voice's ability to subtly move up and down while holding sustained notes. Vibrato can be learned through practice and singing with vibrato offers insights for achieving this technique.

  5. Song Choice

    When taking inspiration from a particular artist, it's essential to examine their song choices to learn the scope of their vocal abilities. For Lanza, "Be My Love" and "O Sole Mio" are among his notable pieces that showcase his exceptional range.

To learn singing like Mario Lanza, it's vital to develop your own vocal flexibility while taking inspiration from his unique style. Utilize Singing Carrots vocal range test to discover your vocal range compared to Lanza's. The resources mentioned above will help you in achieving your singing goals.

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