Singing Guide: The Singing Nun

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The Singing Nun, or Soeur Sourire in French, is a Belgian singer known for her unique voice and faith-based music. Her real name was Jeanine Deckers, and she was a Dominican nun. She is famous for her song "Dominique," which topped the charts in the United States in 1963. To learn to sing like The Singing Nun, you'll need to study the unique techniques she used to share her faith through her music.

One of the first steps in learning to sing like The Singing Nun is to analyze your own voice. Take Singing Carrot's Vocal Range Test to determine your vocal range, and compare it to The Singing Nun's range. This test will help you understand how your voice can develop in the direction of The Singing Nun's singing style.

Breathing techniques are essential in singing, and The Singing Nun had a unique breath control. Check Singing Carrot's post on Breathing Basics as it teaches you how the breath influences the texture and color of your sound. Using this knowledge, you can develop your own way of controlling your breath to achieve the same smooth sound that The Singing Nun is known for.

Another essential element in The Singing Nun's singing style is her use of vibrato. Watch Singing Carrot's videos on how to sing with vibrato to learn how to use the technique in your own singing style. Additionally, in her famous song "Dominique," The Singing Nun used chest voice and a clear annunciation of words. You can practice these techniques while singing the song and check if your singing sounds like hers.

The Singing Nun's music is all about faith, so it's essential to choose songs that convey that message. Check Singing Carrot's Songbook to find songs based on your vocal range, genre, and difficulty level.

In conclusion, to learn to sing like The Singing Nun, you have to develop combinations of breathing control, vibrato, and annunciation of words. You can learn these techniques from Singing Carrot's resources, such as Vocal Range Test, Breathing Basics, Vibrato Exercise, Songbook, and many more. With enough practice and the right resources, you can soon be singing just like The Singing Nun.

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