Singing Guide: The Rink

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The Rink was a Tony-nominated 1984 musical written by Kander and Ebb, with Liza Minnelli playing the lead role. It tells the story of a rundown roller skating rink owned by Anna Antonelli, who has to deal with the sudden arrival of her estranged daughter, Angel, and her former lover, Dino, who has conned her daughter into selling her grandmother's house. If you want to sing like Liza Minnelli in The Rink, you'll need to master her unique style, which incorporates powerful belting and crystal-clear diction, while maintaining a sense of vulnerability and emotion.

One must-know technique for singing like Minnelli in The Rink is the practice of chest voice, which involves using the lower range of the voice to convey power and emotion. Minnelli is also known for her use of vibrato, which adds warmth and emotion to her singing. To improve your chest voice and vibrato, you can check out Singing Carrots' Vocal Range Test, which can help you determine your vocal range and work towards expanding it.

Another essential technique is good breath support. Breathing is a fundamental aspect of singing, and developing proper breath control is crucial in achieving Minnelli's sound. Singing Carrots offers an excellent Breath Support article that explains breath support and how to master it effectively.

Finally, Minnelli's performances are known for their theatricality and emotion. To learn how to perform with confidence and expressiveness, check out Singing Carrots' Performance Tips article and Relaxing Breath video.

In conclusion, to sing like Liza Minnelli in The Rink, you'll need to master chest voice, vibrato, breath support, and performance skills. Check out the referenced Singing Carrots materials to improve your skills and reach your full potential.

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