Singing Guide: The Penguins

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

If you're interested in learning how to sing like the Penguins, then you're in for a treat. Known for their smooth and harmonious vocals, the Penguins were a doo-wop group that formed in the 1950s. Their music style was recognizable by their a cappella arrangements and the use of close vocal harmonies, which sets them apart from other doo-wop groups. Here's how you can train to sing like the Penguins:

First listen to them:

Before you start practicing their music, it's essential to listen to their songs first. Pay close attention to the harmonization, vocal range, and tonal texture. Listening to their music will help train your ear to their unique style and characteristics. Here is a list of some of their popular songs you can give a listen to:

  • "Earth Angel"
  • "Don't Cry For Me"
  • "Hey Senorita"
  • "Ookey Ook"
  • "Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild"

Practice your vocal range with the Pitch and Range tests from Singing Carrots:

Knowing your vocal range is essential when working on harmonies, as it helps you stay in sync with the other singer. Singing Carrots has a vocal range test that enables you to determine your vocal range compared to well-known singers. Use the Vocal Range Test to know the range that suits you.

Improve your pitch accuracy with the Pitch Test:

The Penguins pride themselves on their pitch accuracy, and this should be your priority. Use the Pitch Test from Singing Carrots to test yourself and improve your pitch accuracy.

Train your voice to achieve harmonies:

To achieve harmonies like the Penguins, you'll need to train your voice. A useful resource to help with this is the Pitch Training tool from Singing Carrots. It offers interactive vocal warm-ups, pitch visualizer, and exercises for range and agility. Practicing with this tool frequently will help you achieve the perfect harmonization.

Work on your breathing and technique:

Another essential aspect of singing like the Penguins is mastering vocal technique and breathing. Use the following articles provided by Singing Carrots to master breathing techniques, voice registers, sustain vocals, good singing posture, and other tips for improving your vocal skills:

Learn how to articulate every word

Articulation is an essential aspect of singing like the Penguins. To master articulation, you need to learn the proper lip, tongue, and jaw movements. Use the following article provided by Singing Carrots to master this skill: Articulation.

Perform like a pro on the stage

Stage fright can ruin even the best singer's performance. To boost confidence and stage presence, here are some articles on Singing Carrots that would help:

With these practical tips from Singing Carrots and consistent practice, you are sure to develop the skills needed to sing like the Penguins.

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