Singing Guide: The Little Show

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

The Little Show was a musical revue that premiered on Broadway in 1929. It featured a cast of talented performers, including Fred Astaire and Bert Lahr. But the standout vocals came from the show’s leading lady, Libby Holman.

Holman had a unique style that was both sultry and powerful. Her voice effortlessly blended jazz, blues, and pop, creating a sound that was all her own. To learn how to sing like Libby Holman, you need to master these styles and find your own unique twist.

Start with Singing Carrots to fine-tune your vocal range and pitch accuracy. Take the vocal range test to determine your vocal range and compare it to famous singers like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Use the pitch accuracy test to evaluate your pitch accuracy and work to improve it. The vocal pitch monitor is also a great tool to visualize and practice singing notes on a virtual piano.

You can also use the pitch training module to hone your vocal skills and agility. The interactive vocal warm-ups, pitch visualizer, and range exercises will help you build confidence and control over your voice.

Once you’ve built up your technical skills, it’s time to work on your style. Start by taking inspiration from some of Libby Holman’s most famous songs like "Am I Blue" and "Moanin’ Low." Pay attention to her phrasing, accentuation, and overall delivery.

In terms of techniques, Holman was known for her use of vibrato and breathy vocals. Check out Singing Carrots’ exercises on vibrato to master her signature technique. Holman also used her natural lower register to great effect, creating a sultry sound that was both commanding and vulnerable. Use the chest voice exercises to work on this area of your vocal range.

To achieve Holman’s unique sound, you should also work on incorporating some modern vocal techniques like twang and belting. Check out Singing Carrots’ resources on these techniques to add them to your singing arsenal.

Finally, remember that singing is as much about emotion as it is about technique. Choose songs that resonate with you and allow you to express yourself. Work on your delivery and phrasing until you can sing with feeling and conviction.

With Singing Carrots and a little practice, you can learn to sing like Libby Holman and become a unique and expressive singer in your own right.

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