Singing Guide: The Jacksons

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Learning How to Sing Like The Jacksons

When it comes to musical families, it is impossible not to think of the Jacksons. With hits like "I Want You Back" and "ABC," The Jacksons became one of the most prominent figures in music history.

To become a performer like the Jacksons, one needs to develop the right techniques while also having the refined skill of performing. Here are a few practical steps and Singing Carrots resources that can help you develop your skills towards singing like The Jacksons.

Voice Analysis

Understanding your vocal range is a key aspect of singing like The Jacksons. With the vocal range test from Singing Carrots, you can get a clear picture of the highest and lowest notes you can sing. This can help you determine your optimum range and identify the areas you need to work on to sing like The Jacksons.

Vocal Technique

The Jacksons were known for their exciting and high-speed vocal runs, making it an essential part of their performance. You can learn how to master the skill of performing vocal runs through Singing Carrots' pitch training module. The exercises in this module can teach you the right technique of acing those high-speed vocal runs.

Breathing and Warm-Up Exercises

Learning breathing and warm-up exercises is crucial to enhancing one's singing ability. Singing Carrot's breathing basics blog can teach you the right way of breathing and using your diaphragm, which is crucial to singing like The Jacksons. Additionally, Singing Carrots offers tools like the vocal pitch monitor and Warm-up exercises for effective breathing exercises to strengthen your vocal cords and prepare you before you sing.

Song Interpretation

Interpreting the song's lyrics is essential for performing like The Jacksons. You can learn how to express yourself and convey emotions through your singing by learning how to interpret songs like The Jacksons. Singing Carrots' instructional course is an excellent place to learn the nuances of song culmination and interpretation.

Focus on Performance Techniques

The Jacksons are known for their high-energy performance and electrifying choreography. Learning how to move and perform on stage is as crucial as learning how to sing like The Jacksons. Singing Carrots' video collection of live performances, tips for performing on stage, and overcoming stage fright can greatly benefit aspiring performers by learning new techniques and getting the confidence to perform on stage like The Jacksons.

Throughout their exceptional career, The Jacksons sold over 150 million records, making them one of the best-selling musical groups of all time. With the help of Singing Carrots, you can hone your singing and performance skills to be like the iconic performers of The Jacksons.


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