Singing Guide: The Box Tops

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

Undoubtedly, one of the most passionate and soulful voices belongs to Alex Chilton of The Box Tops. If you are looking to learn singing like him, understanding his unique vocal technique and songs showcasing it is key.

Chilton was known for his raw and powerful voice, backed by a love for blues-based soul music and classic rock and roll. To start working on your voice like Chilton, familiarize yourself with his most popular songs: "The Letter" and "Cry Like a Baby." Practice singing these tunes, paying attention to his approach, tone, and vocal range.

In addition to his distinct sound, Chilton was also known for his unique approach to breathing and breath control. To improve your own breathing technique, check out Singing Carrots' resources on active and passive breathing, breath support and respiration.

Another key element of Chilton's style is his use of vibrato, which adds depth and texture to his powerful vocals. To learn more about vibrato and how to use it effectively, try the Singing Carrots resources on singing with vibrato.

Finally, be sure to check out the singing course that Singing Carrots offers for practical tips and exercises on developing your voice. With the right training and a lot of practice, you can learn to sing like Alex Chilton with passion and soul.

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