Singing Guide: Taylor Swift feat. Brendon Urie

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Tips for Singing like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a renowned singer who has captured the hearts of many with her unique vocal techniques and catchy pop melodies. Her collaborations are also amazing, and her duet with Brendon Urie in "ME!" is a perfect example of her versatility. Here are some practical tips and Singing Carrots resources to help you learn how to sing like Taylor Swift, especially in "ME!" featuring Brendon Urie.

Analyze Your Voice

Before learning how to sing like Taylor Swift, you need to analyze your own voice. Take our Vocal Range Test to determine your vocal range and compare it with Taylor Swift's range, which is mezzo-soprano. Knowing your voice type is essential for proper vocal training.

Breathing and Pitch Accuracy

A crucial aspect of a good singing performance is proper breathing and pitch accuracy. Practice regularly with Singing Carrots' Pitch Accuracy Test and Breathing Basics exercises. It will help you gain control over your pitch and breathing, improve your vocal range, and prepare you to sing challenging parts of the songs.

Vocal Technique

Taylor Swift is known for her unique voice, which is light and breathy yet powerful. In "ME!", she uses a lot of head voice and falsetto, especially in the chorus. To learn how to master this, check out our articles on Voice Registers & Vocal Break, Breath Support, and Open Mouth & Throat. Additionally, Singing Carrots' Pitch Training Tools help you achieve vocal agility and control, which are key to mastering Taylor Swift's singing techniques.

Articulation and Lyrics

Taylor Swift's singing style is known for clear articulation and great pronunciation, a skill that can be learned by practicing Singing Carrots' Articulation exercises. To learn the lyrics of "ME!" effortlessly, find it on our Song search, create a performance set with the Song book, and use the linked lyrics for reference.

Performing Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is also known for her energetic live performances. To improve your stage presence, try our Tips for Performing on Stage article and the Relaxing Breath video. Singing Carrots also has an Educational Singing Course to help you develop your personal style while maintaining vocal health.


Mastering Taylor Swift's unique singing technique requires a lot of practice, and with Singing Carrots' tools and resources, you can achieve it by yourself. Start with analyzing your voice, mastering breathing and pitch accuracy, and progress to technique, articulation, lyrics, and performance. Use Singing Carrots' tools and educational articles to help you achieve your dream of singing like Taylor Swift.

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