Singing Guide: Tate McRae & Jeremy Zucker

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

If you're a fan of intimate, heartfelt vocals, Tate McRae and Jeremy Zucker are two voices that you should definitely take the time to tune in to. Both artists' vocals have an emotional and raw quality that feels incredibly personal, and their techniques are worth studying for anyone looking to cultivate a similarly powerful sound.

One key technique that both McRae and Zucker use to great effect is vibrato, the small fluctuation in pitch that occurs when a singer moves between notes. Vibrato can be used to add warmth, depth, and emotion to a vocal line, and McRae and Zucker both use it to great effect in their music. To develop your own vibrato technique, try practicing exercises like the ones found in Singing Carrots' vibrato video, or take advantage of Singing Carrots' pitch training tool to work on pitch accuracy and control.

Another strength of both McRae and Zucker is their ability to create a sense of intimacy and vulnerability in their performances. One way they do this is by using subtle breathiness in their singing, adding a sense of fragility and delicacy to their vocals. This technique can be particularly impactful in quieter, more introspective songs.

To develop your breathy singing voice, try practicing exercises like the ones found in Singing Carrots' Farinelli breathing video, or explore the breath support articles on Singing Carrots' blog for tips and tricks to help you build your breath control.

Finally, both McRae and Zucker have a great sense of control over their dynamics, effortlessly moving between soft, gentle passages and more powerful, soaring moments. To develop your own dynamic range, try practicing exercises like the ones found in Singing Carrots' sustain vocal video, or explore Singing Carrots' chest voice explained video to help you build your vocal power.

If you're looking to start working on your own McRae- or Zucker-inspired singing journey, Singing Carrots is a great resource to explore. Use the vocal range test and pitch accuracy test to get a sense of your current abilities, then explore the search songs by vocal range and vocal ranges of famous singers tools to find songs and artists that inspire you.

No matter where you're starting from, developing your vocal technique takes time, hard work, and plenty of practice. But with the right tools and resources at your disposal, there's no limit to what you can achieve with your voice.

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