Singing Guide: Tailor Tinker

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

If you want to learn singing like Tailor Tinker, you must first recognize that he is unique! He is versatile and can sing multiple genres. But there are a few things that make his voice standout.

Tailor Tinker has a unique way of using his mixed voice and range to deliver powerful notes and show incredible agility when switching between registers. What's more, he has particular mastery over the Twang and the Heavy Modal techniques.

The following advice aligned with the singing tips for beginner articles, exercises, and tools will help you learn to sing like Tailor Tinker:

  1. Analyze your voice by taking the vocal range test, identifying your voice type in voice types, considering your preferred genres.
  2. Practice breathing properly using the approaches outlined in breathing basics before starting your vocal practice.
  3. Learn about voice registers and how to train yourself to navigate voice registers & vocal breaks.
  4. Reinforce good breath support habits using tips from experts regarding breath support.
  5. Improve your voice range and quality by keeping your mouth and throat relaxed using ideas from open mouth & throat while singing article.
  6. Use tips and tricks from how to learn a song effectively, to memorize Tailor Tinker's compositions.
  7. Pay attention to how you can create constriction in your voice, as explained in the lack of breath support creates constriction article, and avoid doing that when singing.
  8. Familiarize yourself with how classical singing differs from pop and jazz, as described in classical vs pop/jazz singing blog post, and use the contemporary vocal techniques: heavy modal, twang, belting article to aid you in discovering how Tailor Tinker employs these techniques.
  9. Study the vocal distortion & Growling and singing with Vibrato articles to learn about the importance of vocal texture variation in performances and add-on the relevant skill related videos mentioned above, like How to Twang Exercise to develop those skills.
  10. Pay attention to articulation by reading up tips provided by the articulation blog post while practicing with the Finger bite exercise included in the relevant skill-related videos.
  11. Learn why singers often sing out of pitch and use the steps provided in the why do we sing out of pitch? post, to keep this in check.
  12. Develop your resonant voice using the resonance in singing article.
  13. You can find your own singing voice by reading how to find your own authentic voice article, which should aid you in delivering your version of Tailor Tinker's songs.
  14. To make performances healthy, ensure that you learn vocal health tips and follow them.
  15. Finally, perfect your posture while singing to increase your control and presence in your performances. How posture affects your singing will guide you on how to do that.

Learn more about this artist vocal range, voice type and repertoire.