Singing Guide: Subways Are For Sleeping

Singing Guide: Subways Are For Sleeping

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

Are you tired of imitating modern-day pop singers, with their contemptible autotune and basic lyrics? Want to master the classic American sound of the mid-20th century?

Then you should delve into the music of the great composer Jule Styne, who famously claimed that "If a song can't be written in twenty minutes, it ain't worth writing."

One of his lesser-known musicals "Subways Are For Sleeping" offers a retro sound that can help you develop your singing skills. The music of this production contains elements of jazz, swing, and musical theatre style. Its songs have beautifully written melodies that can bring out your vocal range and help you learn how to master breath control, dynamics, and vibrato.

If you want to learn singing like the talented actress and singer Phyllis Newman, who played the lead character in the original Broadway production, then you should first understand the basics of her singing style. Newman's performances were deceptively effortless but were fueled by strong breath support, impeccable vocal control, and a smart use of expressive techniques.

Here are a few practical tips to improve your singing ability:

  • Warm-up your voice by humming and vocalizing.
  • Practice breath support exercises and stretches to increase your lung capacity.
  • Use nasal and lip consonants to create resonant vowel sounds.
  • Use the diaphragm to control airflow and shape the sound of your voice.

Singing Carrots bolsters your progress by providing several tools and resources. These include vocal range and pitch accuracy tests, a Vocal Pitch Monitor, pitch training exercises, and a vast song search feature. These resources will help you assess your vocal skills and find music pieces that match your singing style, vocal range, and genre preference.

Moreover, Singing Carrots offers a comprehensive 21-lesson program that covers fundamental singing techniques to develop a strong foundation for your vocal abilities. The program includes topics like breath support and respiration, the voice registers and vocal break, singing with vibrato, how to articulate, and vocal health. These lessons are an essential resource for beginner and advanced level singers alike.

Finally, be sure to check out Singing Carrots' blog, which features a range of articles on singing techniques and vocal health. Here is an article that can help you to analyze your voice,here another that explains what vocal types are,here and a third educational article on the basics of active and passive breathing, here.

Singing Carrots also provides tips on how to learn a song effectively, how to avoid constrictions, and how to maintain a healthy posture during singing. If you are interested in contemporary vocal techniques like Twang, Belting, and Growling, Singing Carrots has got you covered. There are also articles on how to find your own authentic voice, how to overcome stage fright and tips for performing on stage.

To learn more about Newman's singing style and to practice singing like her, I recommend Singing Carrots' chest voice and voice registers video exercises, such as Chest Voice Explained, Onsets-Offsets, and Mixed Voice.

Get started on improving your singing ability by signing up for Singing Carrots today. Happy singing!

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