Singing Guide: Shaina Taub

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How to Sing Like Shaina Taub: Vocal Technique, Signature Songs, and Resources

Vocal Technique

Shaina Taub's singing style is distinct, showcasing her soulful voice and personal lyricism. Her vocal technique is characterized by the expressive use of her chest and mixed voices, combined with a range of sounds, including belting, falsetto, and vibrato. To sing like Shaina Taub, you need to understand proper breathing techniques, develop your chest and mixed voices, and work on your resonance and articulation. Singing Carrots is an excellent resource to improve your singing technique and practice effectively.

Breathing Techniques

Effective breathing is fundamental to any successful singing ability. Singing Carrots' blog articles such as "Breathing Basics" and "Breath Support" provide useful insights into breathing exercises that can help you develop a powerful voice.

Voice Registers and Vocal Break

Shaina Taub has an understanding of her voice registers, which allows her to change her pitch seamlessly, maintain her vocal range, and control tone quality. Singing Carrots' video exercise "Voice Registers and Mixed Voice" can help you practice transitioning melodically between your registers.

Open Mouth and Throat

Shaina Taub also uses an open mouth and throat technique to improve her singing. According to Singing Carrots' article "Open Mouth and Throat," an open mouth and relaxed throat allow for a clearer sound and wider range.


Shaina Taub's clear and sharp articulation is essential to deliver highly personalized lyrics. Singing Carrots' blog article "Articulation" is an informative resource on how to enunciate words correctly.


Shaina has a wonderful vibrato, a style that can add depth to a performance. Singing Carrots' article "Singing with Vibrato" offers tips on how to add vibrato to your singing and enhance your sound quality.

Signature Songs

Shaina Taub has several songs that showcase her unique vocal style and songwriting skills. Here are some of her signature songs:

  • "Die Happy": A soulful song that showcases Shaina Taub's excellent vocal technique and impressive control of her vocal range.
  • "Huddled Masses": An upbeat number that highlights Shaina Taub's talent for storytelling through her lyrics.
  • "Make a Mess": A catchy and exuberant pop song that demonstrates her strength in melody and songwriting skills.

Singing Carrots Resources

Singing Carrots provides a vast collection of resources that can help you learn to sing like Shaina Taub and develop your singing voice further. The below resources might be the best places to start:

  • Pitch Accuracy Test: The Singing Carrots Pitch Accuracy Test assesses your pitch accuracy and provides customized feedback, tips, and video exercises to help you improve.
  • Vocal Range Test: The Singing Carrots Vocal Range Test helps you determine your vocal range competently, comparing it to famous singers, and provides insights on how to refine it.
  • Singing Course: The Singing Carrots Beginners Course is a comprehensive course for aspiring singers with lectures, interactive activities, and quizzes.
  • Song-Book: The Song-Book feature on Singing Carrots is an excellent resource for creating your performance set. You can get linked lyrics, sheet music, chords, karaoke, and YouTube audio for any song you wish to sing.

In conclusion, Shaina Taub's unique vocal technique is anchored in her expressive use of chest and mixed voices, coupled with a range of sounds, including belting, falsetto, and vibrato. To develop a singing style like hers, you need to work on your breathing, resonance, voice registers, and articulation. Additionally, you can take advantage of Singing Carrots resources, including the Vocal Range Test, Singing Course, and Pitch Accuracy Test, to augment your singing journey.

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