Singing Guide: Seth Lakeman

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

Singing is a craft that can be developed and refined with practice. By imitating the vocals of famous singers, you can learn their unique techniques and incorporate them into your own style. In this article, we'll explore how to learn singing like Seth Lakeman.

Seth Lakeman is a renowned British folk musician known for his vibrant fiddling and soulful vocals. His music style is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, featuring electric instruments and intricate arrangements. If you're interested in learning Seth Lakeman's singing techniques, here's a guide to get started:

  1. Practice breath support

    Breath support is crucial to Seth Lakeman's vocal style. To sing like Seth, you need to learn how to control your breath and deliver clean, focused vocals. Start by practicing breath exercises like the Farinelli Breathing and Sustain Vocal exercises found in the Singing Carrots pitch training game.

  2. Find your chest voice

    Chest voice is an essential part of Seth Lakeman's singing style. Your chest voice is your lower vocal register, and it's where most people speak from. Practice singing comfortably in your chest voice by following the exercises found in the Singing Carrots Chest Voice Explained video.

  3. Explore your range

    Seth Lakeman has a unique vocal range that spans both low and high notes. To develop your range, start with our Vocal Range Test, and find songs that fit your range. Singing Carrots also offers a search by vocal range feature.

  4. Master your pitch

    Pitch accuracy is crucial to Seth Lakeman's music. To improve your pitch accuracy, try our Pitch Accuracy Test, and use the Vocal Pitch Monitor to see your pitch visually.

  5. Experiment with twang

    Twang is a technique where you shape your larynx to create a brighter sound. Seth Lakeman uses twang for much of his music. Practice the Twang Exercise found in Singing Carrots' exercises section to develop your own twang technique.

  6. Try growling

    Growling is a vocal technique where you produce a coarse, grainy sound. Seth Lakeman uses growling in some of his songs. Practice the How to Growl Exercise on Singing Carrots' exercises section to experiment with growling.

  7. Learn from his music

    Finally, listen to and learn from Seth Lakeman's music. Listen to the way he uses breath support, chest voice, and twang. Some of his songs that showcase his vocal technique include "Kitty Jay," "The Courier," and "The Herders." You can find lyrics and sheet music for Seth Lakeman's songs on Singing Carrots' Songbook feature.

In conclusion, by practicing breath support, chest voice, range, pitch, twang, and growling, and learning from his music, you can learn how to sing like Seth Lakeman. Use Singing Carrots' range of exercises and features to develop your style and perfect your craft.

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