Singing Guide: Serj Tankian

Singing Guide: Serj Tankian

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

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Serj Tankian, the lead vocalist of System of A Down, is known for his unique vocal style combining classical operatic technique with metal and rock music elements.

To learn how to sing like Serj, you should first focus on developing good breath support and control. Singing exercises that target breath support, such as the Farinelli Breathing exercise, can be incredibly helpful.

Next, pay close attention to your posture and vocal registers. Understanding your voice type and how to use chest voice, mixed voice, and head voice can be incredibly useful if you want to sing like Serj. This video on Chest Voice Explained is a great place to start.

Serj's use of different voice registers adds to his unique sound. To learn how to use vocal registers effectively, check out this video on Voice Break and Mixed Voice.

Serj also has excellent articulation, a skill you can improve with the Finger Bite exercise. Additionally, with practice, you can develop your ability to add vibrato to your notes, and this video on Beggars Bounce and Diaphragm Bounce can help get you started.

If you're interested in learning more about Serj's music, check out this search songs tool that finds songs based on your vocal range. It's a great way to find songs that match your skills and practice singing along. To discover famous singers with ranges similar to Serj's, take a look at this page on Vocal Ranges of Famous Singers.

To sum up, learning to sing like Serj Tankian requires good breath control and posture, an understanding of vocal registers, and the ability to use articulation and vibrato effectively. Resources such as the Farinelli breathing exercise, Finger Bite exercise, Chest Voice Explained and Beggars Bounce and Diaphragm Bounce videos, the search songs tool, and the Vocal Ranges of Famous Singers page can all help you achieve this goal.

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