Singing Guide: Romeo and Juliet (1968)

Singing Guide: Romeo and Juliet (1968)

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

Learning to sing like Romeo and Juliet is a great challenge as they are portrayed in a very particular iconic style in the 1968 movie.

You can start by analyzing the vocal techniques used for the songs in their soundtrack. "What is a Youth" is a great song to start with, as it showcases the vocal range of female lead Olivia Hussey and the emotional vibrato style of male lead Leonard Whiting.

Assuming you know the basics of singing, a particular technique you will have to master to sing like them is breath control. Proper breath support will help you convey the emotions of the song smoothly like in "A Time for Us." Learning how to practice and create intentional dynamics in your voice is key element to performing and recording romantic movie ballads like the ones in Romeo and Juliet.

To refine your technique, I recommend Singing Carrots' resources that will help you improve your skills. Begin by taking our vocal range test to determine your vocal range. Then try our interactive pitch training exercises - they will help you to master your pitch accuracy and range. Pitch accuracy test or the Pitch Monitoring Tool are useful to keeping your singing in tune. Before starting to sing excerpts of Romeo and Juliet songs, take some easy warm-up exercises like Farinelli Breathing.

To improve your vocal capabilities and range, take a look at our singing course, which consists of 21 lessons starting from the basics, such as posture, breathing, and intonation, to the more intricate techniques such as vocal tone colorization. If you are interested in a specific vocal technique, you can watch videos tailored to your needs, such as Twang, Growl, or Vibrato exercises like Beggars Bounce.

Remember that singing is a personal journey, and that finding inspiration, exploring your own unique vocal qualities, and learning key vocal techniques like breath control are essential for improving your singing ability.

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