Singing Guide: Rev. Milton Brunson

Singing Guide: Rev. Milton Brunson

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Rev. Milton Brunson

Rev. Milton Brunson (June 28, 1948 – April 16, 1997) was an American gospel musician and the founder and director of the Thompson Community Singers (later renamed The Tommies), a gospel choir in the Chicago area. His unique vocal technique involved blending traditional gospel quartet harmonies with elements of contemporary Christian music.

Learning to Sing like Rev. Milton Brunson

  • Analyze Your Voice: The first step you should take in learning to sing like Rev. Milton Brunson is to analyze your voice. Take Singing Carrots' vocal range test, which compares your vocal range with those of famous singers. Knowing your vocal range can help you identify which songs and techniques will work best when trying to emulate Rev. Brunson's style.
  • Practice Breathing Basics and Breath Support: Breathing is at the center of good singing, and Rev. Brunson utilized breath techniques to infuse emotion and power into his performances. Practice Singing Carrots' breathing exercises and learn how to use your breath to support your singing style.
  • Use Gentle Vibrato: Rev. Milton Brunson incorporated gentle vibratos in his style, lending a smooth, silky quality to his singing. Watch Singing Carrots' vibrato techniques video for valuable tips on including vibrato in your singing style.
  • Chest Voice/Voice Registers: Chest voice and voice registers were key to Rev. Brunson's sound, and learning these techniques can help you to sound more like him. Watch Singing Carrots' chest voice techniques video to develop these crucial skills.

Selected Songs from Rev. Milton Brunson:

  • "I'm Available to You": This popular gospel song is notable for its inclusion of heavy use of the "call and response" technique which was a hallmark of Rev. Brunson's style.
  • "It's Gonna Rain": This upbeat song features powerful solos backed up by the choir, and highlights Rev. Brunson's ability to blend gospel quartet harmonies with modern gospel.
  • "Available to You": Another classic gospel song with a prominent use of the "call and response" technique, and the choir delivers powerful harmonies alongside Rev. Brunson's impressive vocals.

Relevant Singing Carrots Resources:


To sing like Rev. Milton Brunson, cultivate your voice by using the relevant Singing Carrots resources, analyzing his style, and practicing essential techniques, such as breathing, chest voice, and vibrato. By learning and including these techniques and practicing his selected songs, you'll be able to emulate Reverend Brunson's unique and soulful style.

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