Singing Guide: Renee Baughman

Singing Guide: Renee Baughman

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Renee Baughman - The Powerful Singer with Unmatched Range

If you're an aspiring singer taking any chance to improve your skills or an enthusiast learning how to sing, Renee Baughman should be on your list of artists to emulate. She has a unique vocal style, which sets her apart from many others in the industry. In this article, Singing Carrots will guide you on how to learn singing like Renee Baughman, whether you are one of her fans or just want to level up your singing techniques.

Before diving into some practical tips, let's have a brief look at Baughman's singing style. Renee is a versatile singer and has a remarkable range, able to sing in whistle register without sacrificing her power. Hence, her singing style is quite remarkable, as it combines technicality and power. Renee's voice expresses various emotions, ranging from intense emotions to a soft, delicate delivery. Her vocal runs are particularly inventive and complex. Studying her would require one to have a well-built foundation of vocal techniques.


Whatever field you are excelling in, practice is vital. And Baughman's singing style requires consistent and disciplined practice. Begin your warm-up exercises with Renee Baughman breathing techniques to draw substantial, invigorating breaths. There is Singing Carrots' warm-up exercise Farinelli Breathing Video, which focuses on breathing techniques from the Italian Opera era and will help singers reach greater heights.

Technique & Vocal Range

After breathing exercises, we can progress with more technical exercises concentrated on the head and chest registers. Renee Baughman's inimitable singing style is a combination of various techniques, including Twang, Belting, and Heavy Modal. Singing Carrots' Singing Comfort Zone video explains voice registers in detail and gives exercises to help you learn to balance the mix between chest and head voices to make it effortless to sing.

Baughman's style has been successful because of the complete and adept control she has over her registers. To improve range and agility, Singing Carrots has a Pitch training exercise, an educational singing game that contains interactive vocal warms and pitch visualizers to help you improve your range and agility. Additionally, regular vocal range tests are also available so you can track your vocal progress over time and see if you're getting closer to Baughman's range.


Anyone who wants to learn how to sing like Renee Baughman must understand the importance of pitch accuracy and ear-training. Another helpful tool is Singing Carrots' pitch accuracy test, which you can use to measure your ability to stay in tune.

Song Choice

To completely feel Renee Baughman's music, it is necessary to know the songs that portray her game-changing style. Some of the songs where her game-changing style has been depicted include "Through the storm," "Surrender", "I'm yours," she also has an amazing rendition of "I Am Changing" from Dreamgirls, which showcases her impressive vocal range.


In conclusion, Renee Baughman's style of singing is one that takes patience and hard work to master. It would be best if you aimed to study her techniques and lessons as rigorously as possible until you get to her level. Singing Carrots' education singing courses can help beginners and enable them to start their singing journey, allowing them to mature their vocals with Baughman's style and techniques. Therefore, start with Singing Carrots' knowledge and exercises, and emulate the singing style of Renee Baughman to become an excellent singer, too.

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