Singing Guide: Procul Harum

Singing Guide: Procul Harum

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Procul Harum: Gary Brooker's Vocal Technique

Procul Harum is a British psychedelic and progressive rock band from the mid-60s. Their music style is characterized by complexly structured arrangements, featuring Baroque and classical influences, and catchy melodies. Gary Brooker, the lead singer, is renowned for his unique singing voice and often theatrical singing style. In this article, we'll take a closer look at Gary Brooker's vocal technique, discuss how to learn singing like him, and highlight relevant Singing Carrots resources.

Gary Brooker's Vocal Technique

Gary Brooker's voice possesses a rich, deep timbre with a natural vibrato and a great dynamic range. He is particularly skillful in creating emotive expression in his singing with subtle changes in tone and phrasing. Brooker's voice is often described as soulful, expressive, and with an impressive control of breath and pitch. His singing style can be categorized as melodramatic and dramatic, often featuring a wide range of ad libs, improvisation, and unusual phrasing.

To learn singing like Gary Brooker, we suggest starting with the following practical exercises:

Songs Showcasing Brooker's Vocal Technique

Procul Harum's songs provide excellent examples of Gary Brooker's vocal technique. Here are a few songs you may want to check out:

  1. "A Whiter Shade of Pale" featuring expressive and dramatic vocals with a memorable melody and soulful phrasing.
  2. "Conquistador" showcasing dynamic singing and a remarkable control of pitch.
  3. "A Salty Dog" highlighting Brooker's storytelling ability and rich vocal timbre.

Singing Carrots Resources

We recommend using the following Singing Carrots resources for learning to sing like Gary Brooker:


In conclusion, learning to sing like Gary Brooker requires a combination of skills, including breath control, vocal range, and emotive expression. By following the practical exercises and using the Singing Carrots resources we recommended, you can develop your vocal skills and learn how to sing like Procul Harum's iconic lead singer.

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