Singing Guide: Naza & Niska

Vocal technique, exercises, tips and relevant resources

Are you a beginner or advanced singer?

Learning how to sing like Naza & Niska requires a combination of technical and emotional skills. Being able to deliver the complex flow, intonation, and melody is just as important as being able to strengthen your voice and improve your range.

One of the singers' unique vocal techniques is to effectively control their voice registers. You can learn how to do that by referring to Singing Carrots' blog post "Voice registers & vocal break".

Another crucial technique is to exercise vibrato. Singing Carrots has many videos on vibrato, such as "Beggars Bounce" and "Diaphragm Bounce".

When learning how to sing like Naza & Niska, it's important to practice chest voice, which is one of the core requirements of singing reggaeton. You can refer to Singing Carrots' YouTube video "Chest Voice Explained" to learn more.

In terms of practical advice, Singing Carrots' blog post on "How to learn a song effectively" provides some great tips. Developing "feel" for the song is important. You should learn the lyrics, melody, and rhythm, so you can put it to better use.

Finally, you can take Singing Carrots' "vocal range test" to better understand your range, and search the "songs that match your vocal range." Get started on the training with the "educational singing course." Personalize and "create your performance set" using Song-book.

With the guidance of Singing Carrots' resources, you can learn how to sing like Naza & Niska.

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